Friday, April 6, 2012

A Pretty Pair!

Two Reviews!

Everyone have a Happy Easter or a Great Weekend! (smile)
Vogue 8780

This jacket has an interesting story.  I was to go out one Friday night early Feb. and planned to make this jacket to wear.  I made McCall's 6034 (View B, OOP) first and wanted the jacket to go with it.  I did go out but I wore something else. (Go Figure!)

When the pattern came out I was so excited to make it but that soon wore off.  Anywhoooo, I purchased some sage green fleece and my "spark" was ignited once again.  But - my sewing room was a disaster and the mojo was GONE!  So, that fabric sat in the bag for a month collecting dust (receipt and all). 

Well, I have since redone my room (as seen the end of this post) and my mojo is back!!!! But then it's been so warm. WTF! LOL!! Well, I live in Chicago so, as I knew, there would be more cold day's ahead before the REAL hotness sets in. Wala - it's been freezing here and I now get to wear my pair. (cheese!)

So, here are pics and my brief review:

The jacket and top were both easy to make and a beginner would be able to handle these.  The shirt is finished with a band at the bottom and has roushed shoulders. I didn't make any changes or alterations this was made out of the envelope. It's a little long on me so I could have shortened it about an inch or two.

Front. Love this shirt!

Shoulder detail

I wasn't ready and KC wouldn't take another pic. Boys!
The jacket edges are unfinished except for the sleeve and the collar hems. Easy peazy lemon squeezie.  One word of caution - when you work on a project with raw edges- make sure your cuts are nice and even.  I go over with small sharp scissors and trim off any uneven edges to make for a nice smooth cut. Or you can cut out your pattern with a rotary blade. The only Jagged Edge I'm into is the singing group!

I did view A and a size larger so it would close.
On this pattern, I made two changes. 1.) The pattern has you sew the front's together exposing the neck seam and the collar hem. (huh?) I "reversed" their instructions so my seams are hidden and not on top. Be forewarned the wrong sides of the fabric are exposed so DON'T use a fabric with an "obvious" wrong side. 

Little animal print surprise in the pocket!
 2.) I added a ribbon tie to the side seams. (Bling!) Love the back drape!

The sleeves are a litle longer then I need so I roll them up. Next time I make this I will shorten the sleeve pattern. I love them both - now I just can't wait until it gets cold again so I can wear them! LOL!  Wait! it is cold again!!  That's right - I said it!!!  I'll make another for the warmer weather. (LOL!)

Stop playing those damn video games and take my picture!!

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog!  I really appreciate the time you take to stop and read.  I'll be having a giveaway next week to celebrate 4000 hits!

Thanks again and keep reading!!

 Talk Soon Carol! :-)

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