Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ani-mal! Ani-mal!

I love my Cheetah print skirt! It's Animal!!

Mimi G. Does it again!! - I saw, I watched, I made!
I Luv, Luv, Luv!!!

Anywhooooo. . .  I had this fabric right, $1.50 per yard, 2.5yds at Wal-mart right. So, So, I'm not a cheetah print wear'n, tight dress, tight shirt w/big boobs wear'n so - it sat and sat and sat and sat until . . . Ta Taaaa- I heard the trumpets sound when I watched Mimi's skirt tutorial. (LOL!!)  A SKIRT - duh. 

This skirt took about 45 minutes to make because my fabric was flimzzay!  It's a cheap thin jersey knit but great for this project because gathered the fabric lays so niiiice. (eye bat).  After doing the Mimi shuffle (add this times three, divide by four, long by 2000 (pause) and cut and sew-1,2) I had a huge tube - I hate hemming but I had to make a casing.

I added a lettuce edge, with my serger, to the bottom to ease the hem pain and its pretty too. Great beginner project and fast for the intermediate and advanced folks!  I'm on the lamb for a fushia pink one-much nicer fabric. I guess that can wait unitl this weekend. I have been neglecting my family. (LOL!!)

Lettuce Edge

WA - LA!

My T you say? It's new too.

My T was a UFO from last summer. Simplicity 5877 (OOP)
Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon Carol


  1. Look at you! This maxi is just lovely. Great use of the fabric. And the tee? Can you ever have to many of those? You got right to it! Nice work!

  2. @GodsgirlT-Thanks!! I want style like you when I grow up!

  3. Well Hot Damn!!! good job Carol ;-)


  4. Hot Damn is right! Thanks and Thanks to you I'll do another!!


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