Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's Christmas Time In The City!

Just wanted to touch base and say Happy Holiday's to you and your's! Be blessed in the new year and don't make impossible goals.  I plan to blog more! (LOL!)  See you real soon - I've been sewing my butt off and so it's about time for me to post something! Not until after the holidays - I'm so tired.

Thanks for visiting and in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger - I'll be Bock!

Talk Soon

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chicago or Bust!

Have habit will travel!

Hello All!!

Today my son and I return home from LA. I'm here visiting a friend and supposedly working but unfortunately, didn't get any work done. So we came up with a plan to get done what I was supposed to do.  Such is Life. But while I was here I:

Ate Korean Style - Sooooooo good!
Fabric Binged - Soooooo Great!
Attended 3 birthday parties in one day - Sooooooo Unusual.

I will be blogging about what I brought (oh my!) and what I've been doing - Working! My techie business is really doing well right now and I'm glad!  Hard to find time but again such is life.  Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!  I miss this!

Talk Soon Carol