Monday, July 30, 2012

A Sundress Story


This dress has quite a story. Wonna hear it? Here it go. . .

I first saw this lover-ly lace fabric about three years ago.  I thought it was so pretty.  Well, time went by and I never used it.  I only had a yard.  About two years ago I came across the "flower" fabric at Walmart. It had been marked down to $.50 a yard. I had to have three.  Didn't know what I was going to do with it nor was I in love with it but I just couldn't leave it there, not at that price.  So, last year during one of my JoAnn tranquility trips I saw the striped fabric and had a "I have the match fabric" fit in the store. I sat down at the pattern table and saw Simplicity 2642 (OOP) and the idea of this dress was born.  I was on a SUNDRESS MISSION! (que the music.)

After cutting out the pieces, I started the bodice.  It's interlined and lined with white batiste. I sewed the straps and back ties in the wrong places (switched) and this quickly became a wadder - no, hell freezes over (I don't throw those away.)  Last month (one day in June) I decided to finish this dress. I got the bodice corrected and fitted then came the skirt.  I pinned all the pieces together, saw the pattern picture with all those damn gathers and I forgot if I altered it - So back to the pile it went - until this morning.
My husbands family reunion was this weekend. When I saw my in-laws yesterday, they inquired about my clothes. I didn't have on an outfit I made. I had to redeem myself at the reunion dinner today.  So here I am in my Sundress. (And we had a little sun today too!) I took these pics when I got home.
Click on pics for a larger view!

Here are a few more detail pics modeled by my dummy lady.  The dress was super comfy (I did alter the skirt) and I got lots of complements. I redeemed myself and I finally finished this dress!!!!!! 

And last but not least the shooze - I luv espadrilles!

I was asked would I ever wear this dress again.  Some folks know me all too well! 

Talk Soon

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Vogue Patterns R Here!

Patterns. To Buy or Not To Buy, Again?
That is my question.

I was lurking in the blogosphere and noticed that Vogue's Fall Line has hit the web. I always seem to find out late.  But, the local sale has not happened so I'm not going to worry about it.  Frankly, it's been to damn hot to think about "Fall Fashions" and not to mention I don't want to yet.  Here in Chicagoland the winters are not very nice to us so 100 degree weather is OK I guess. (I can always make a swimsuit and sit in cold water!)

Anywhoooooo. . . Since the new patterns are out, I have been trying (Oh TRYING) to go on a pattern diet. I have tons and tons and tons of patterns.  I get like a Stepford Wife when the patterns are on sale.
(Oh, this is nice! Ooo how Lovely! Oh, it's only .99 cents!) So, instead of turning into a hoarder - I'm trying to cut back. Since my last McCall's binge (they have so upped their game) I have decided to just buy what I need, crave, jones don't have.  Meaning - look closely at the line drawing and notice the styling for the current time.  With that said, here are the Vogue's I absolutely have to buy:

VVE 8835 - DKNY 1313, 1322 - VEO 8829 (luv this one).
Although I have several capes - well, this is Donna Karen (and the matching dress - WUT!?).
I own some skirts but this one is good for my body type and the only one I own like this is a short version. the printed dress - I just luuuuuv that! (Swoon!) and I don't need another dress but this one is like (I need intervention.)

Let's face it, these are revised repeats but, the marketing department is da bomb!  Here are some oldies but new lookies that I have had for a long time:

V8833  V8839 V8824
I love the styling on the creme dress.  I've had this pattern for about 8 years and didn't know what to do with it.  Now I do. LOL!  Anywhoo, thanks for listening once again. At least I didn't mention cooking chicken.   
 Have you made any picks? Let me know what you think!
Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July Ramblings!!

Happy July Everyone!

I was here on the Internet reading blogs and checking email and decided to post @ 12:50 AM.

My brother and his wife brought pizza over for dinner.  A thanks for picking up their boys from day camp. I mentioned it was nice to have them over for dinner. (But, I didn't supply the dinner.) I gotta work on that!

I'm attending a job fair in the morning. I don't have an appropriate blazer to wear. I have one "cut out" but I'm blogging now.

I should be making a blazer for the job fair. I don't have a white collared shirt. I hope Tim Gunn's not reading this. He would be Perplexed. (As I am.)

My hubby is back to work. He's doing well. I'm glad he's fine and back to work. (Tee hee)

I am dying to make a polka dot dress!

I have a suit "cut out" for job interviews and job fairs. It's sitting in my sewing room waiting for a turn. I really want a polka dot dress.

I bar-b-qued, barbqued grilled outside yesterday. It was really good. No pics - we ate it to fast! If you read my blog regularly you know it was - chicken. (Again.)

The heatwave is over but it will be back again. 5 more wonderful days in 90 degree heat. I got a swimsuit from Old Navy.  Its to big. (eye roll)

I need a swimsuit, a work suit, a blazer, a white collared shirt and a polka dot dress. (Not necessarily in that order.)

I killed a spider on my own today. If you know me, you know that's BIG!

I should be in the bed or making a blazer - not blogging! (Thanks for reading!)

My son still likes to hold my hand in public and he still kisses me on the cheek. (he's 12) I know, I know, I know!!  That's why I'm posting!

Here I am in my Mimi G. Maxi Dress Tutorial outfit!  Great Tut! I wear these a lot! I need another one.

Did I mention I want a lace dress too!

Talk Soon Carol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!!!

Everyone have a safe and Happy 4th!! 
For all of you in the "HOT" zones stay cool.  This is check on your grandma weather!

Simplicity 2222 "SUEDE Says"

Click on the pic so you can see the cool buttons!

Quick and easy to make! Great for beginners.  Hope it keeps me kool!!!  Enjoy your day!!!

Talk Soon Carol