Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Mom - Can you make these?!

I am a Janome Maker!

Not Your Average Sweatpants!

As this crazy year drew to a close, I thought, Janome Maker submissions are coming up.  So, I picked, prepped and prepared what I thought to be the perfect project.  I started in the fall and then life happened. I got a new job, which is a good thing, but It has taken up so much of my time that my beautiful Makers project was waiting in the wings.  So as time grew closer, I didn’t feel any pressure until I looked up and it was Christmas.  To make a long story short, my sewing room is a mess and my beautiful project was not done!! I scrapped it because I will finish it later and rushing is not an option! ON TO THE NEXT PROJECT! That project didn’t work out, nor did the other one that I won’t mention.  😛

I stood around my sewing room in complete despair December 31st and my machines started talking. “You better get busy or Mano (Horizon 15000) is going back! My serger Airthread 2000D - he’s still nameless) started to cry.  So, I looked around and saw a project for my son that I started a month ago. Gertrude (AKA Dirt McGurt -Skyline7) Said “Darling that’s it! Finish your son’s project, it’s just been sitting there collecting dust anyway!” 

My son asked me to copy some “sweats” he saw on the internet about a year ago.  I committed. How hard could that be? Well, he sent me a picture of the “sweats” and my eyes grew.  These sweats have 8 pockets and 4 zippers and 4 of the pockets are 3D and Cargo!  So, I decided to go all out! I ordered waist banding and collected all I needed for the project and it sat. Gert called me out on New Year’s Eve.  

Inspiration Pants

I got the pile of cut up love and started working. I had already drafted the pockets and flaps, I used a pattern as my block, customized the block and we had one successful fitting. 

3D Pocket Pattern

My love pile needed construction only. Since there is a ton of sewing on this project, I used my 15000 to embroider and for most of the construction, Skyline 7 for basting and my Airthread 2000D serger for finishing.  

My son is an artist so, I wanted to include something on his sweats that had meaning, and I wanted to embroider something since “Mano” and I have become such good friends. I decided to add a tiny bit of embroidery on one pocket. I used the Janome AcuDesign software to import a free design onto my Janome Horizon 15000. The software was pretty easy to learn and it came with my machine. I love how subtle and statement making the design is. “Kace” the nickname I gave my son as a baby, and it’s also his artist signature. (Mom moment)

This fabric was crazy thick and backed with a heavy fleece. It’s very heavy and great for the winter. This fabric, I thought, will be an issue for the serger. I did a test stitch and was so happy! The Airthtrad 2000D serger was flawless and made serging the pants a dream!! That serger has the best attitude EVER!

To make things easy for myself, I used size 14 universal needles in the sewing machines and regular All-purpose thread. I used the Acufeed dual foot on Mano-my Janome 15000 and used the Acufeed Dual on Gert-my S7. (I love walking feet!) For the embroidery I used Sulky Rayon thread in black, a Janome purple needle and cutaway stabilizer. 

All day and night later😫 - the rest is history!  Here are some construction pictures of the 3D pockets and the invisible leg zipper. also cut in and made two half welt pockets on the back of the pants (per request).

Construction Details

Welts on request!


The Pants!

And my KC (Kace) modeling, what is now, his favorite pair of pants!

Here is our measure session!! He's the best!

Talk Soon,
Keep Sewing!