Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To Save Money. . .

Looking Back and Realizing

I started sewing back in 2002. My son was only two years old, very much so a toddler. I was laid off my job and needed something to do. So into JoAnn I went (to buy buttons). I saw a sign for sewing lessons. I figured since I was laid off I had a few free Wednesday's coming. So I took the plunge.  I signed up for a class and I was hooked. Being a lover of  "Outfits" I thought, if I get good at this, I could make and wear whatever I want! Ooooooh, the money I'd save making my own clothes.  So, that is what fueled my passion. (or was it the money I could make?)

I was reading a sewing blog and the blogger talked about saving money and sewing. (Hmmm?) Have I really saved any money? Have I saved any time? I mean sewing is my therapy, don't get me wrong but now, when I'm asked why I sew I'll tell people - I sew because I love it.

 I used to say "I love it and it saves me so much money GURL!" 

I have sewn professionally for 10 years. I've had my work published in magazines, displayed in major retail stores, worn on plenty of folks, taught countless folks to sew and Tailoring school. Which means - sewing as a professional cost lot's o time and money.  I own several machines (and killed a few) $$$$. My iron's cost a mint! $$$. I'm about to purchase my 3rd ironing board. Patterns up the wahzoo! (Can't resist a $.99 SALE!) Zippers and Buttons and Trim-oh my, Zippers and Buttons and Trim-OH MY! $$$. Books, Books, Print outs and more Books (Now I have a Kindle$$, No more room for Books!). A fancy book shelf, file cabinets, a sewing desk and a cutting table. Digital camera, Dress form (gotta have a dress form) A gazillion pairs of scissors, threads (Lot O'thread!), Dr. visits (Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow), two Net-Books, One Lap-top and my stash is as tall as six Treeeees!!
Vogue patterns are on sale at JoAnn end of this week. Let's not even talk about all those shoes I've $$purchased$$ to match my OUTFITS!!!

Now that I'm out of the "professional" sewing business, I'm going to see if I save money. 
Talk Soon Carol

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday 2 Me!

What did I get? How did I celebrate?

It's my birthday today and I am blessed.  I got a few nice things:  a new grandson, Lots O'Facebook wishes, out with friends on Friday, my family is well and $20 to buy much needed gas and some patterns! I'm easy to please. It's a good day.

thanks for reading!

I've been sewing but not posting. :-(  I'll get in some pics, reviews later this week!  I have great pics of my grandson.  I'm now a Grandiva!

Talk Soon Carol