Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Overjoyed!

I've Been Sewing!!!!

We have been really busy here at the Warehouse. (All sorts of pun intended).  Anyhoooooo, we've been making some changes around the house and slowly but surely flipping the rooms in our house.
So with said I wanted to mention my sewing projects.

My last post showed my newly redone sewing room.  It's pretty and all but, I really haven't had the time to actually use it or my new serger either!  With work and our makeovers I've been to damn busy and too tired to do anything.  Well the time finally came for me to do the "fun" part.  I made curtains for my sewing room and curtains for my office space as well.  I even made myself a dress and I am in the process of making another.

I said that once I got a break I would tear a hole in my sewing room and that is just what I did and boy am I having fun!  It feels so good to actually get my hands on a project that is MINE all MINE!!!!

Here are a few pictures:
McCall's Fashion Star 6554

This dress just happened.  It wasn't planned.  I saw this fabric at the store closing time and it was only $1.50 a yard on clearance.  Couldn't find anything else so I got it.  Love the color and my friend recommended a yellow ribbon belt. The pattern was the first one I saw when I walked into the room. The fit is great and it really works.  I'll get pics in the dress later. :-)

Simplicity 4497 Dummies Pattern View A. I love Tab Tops. Fabric from IKEA

This fabric has been in my stash for 5 years and I finally used it.  Nice weight. The pink fabric was a mess! This is in my sewing room now and I love them. No pattern used here.

I did all this sewing in two days so for a little comic relief before I get back into it me and my son decided to initiate my new room and do the "Harlem Shake".

Have you had a sewing slump and missed mojo lately? I have shaken mine!!

Enjoy our celebration!!!

Talk Soon Carol