Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello Readers!

I have been out of commission for quite some time.  A lot has happened on the home front and everything is almost back to normal.  School's out and the DH has been home so, I've been tied up and my sewing room off limits! (Not to mention my totally wrecked mojo!)

 Anywhoooo. . .

I had some fun events to attend which means - outfits to sew (which helped my mojo) now I'm about ready to blog away.  I have enough blogging material for at least 5 posts!!! (YAY!)  My son is at a sleepover so I'm "gettin it in" before he I have to pick him up.
(Personal Rant)
I have finally taken the personal oath. No more custom projects for others!!  I have one outfit to do for my stepdaughter and then - I'M DONE!!!   I still will do a "simple" alteration or two and I have a grandson on the way but, the custom customer thing is so OVER!  When your mojo is dead and folks are calling about garments they don't want to pay top dollar for, need I say more.  I'm so sick of  hearing "I want something SIMPLE" or "Now, I don't have a lot of money but, can you make this fab creation I have in my head without a pattern?" (I could go on for hours!) It's nice people think I'm talented and I "look" rich but  -

I'm so DONE! Ya Feel me?!

Simplicity 2413
I saw the inspiration skirt on Pinterest and thought this would be great for the Pattern Review RTW (Ready to Wear) contest. The original price was $405! (yeah right!)

Well, I didn't enter because I wasn't able to finish in time to meet the deadline.  I decided if I was going to copy this skirt, I should take my time and do it right so I did and I have a great skirt!  Here are pictures of the building process:

I joined the fabrics/pinked edges before cutting. Added faux pocket flaps, a tie waistband and it's fully lined.

I had issues with this skirt.  I originally had the skirt completed and it was to tight at the waist!  Not sure what I was thinking not altering it first but I had to remove two pleats from the back and put on a new
waistband.  I tried to find fabric but couldn't and had to use the "old damaged" waistband.  I worked it out and came up with the "tie" alternative.  I like it more, adds character but almost became a wadder! (LOL!)

Here's the compare.
 The pink fabric was gifted - the red fabric $2.50 yd. I used about a yard so the final cost including zipper is about $4!!!

After all that work, it took me two effin months to finally wear this skirt. I went to a bar-b-que yesterday and thought "the weather is good. I'm wearing my skirt."  I got my T from Wal-Mart for $3.88.  Some folks thought I was wearing a dress then realized it was a skirt.  The color match was good.

I'm so pleased with my project! It's been posted but now finally blogged!

Oh and the shooooze - my son missed my feet! (LOL)

Talk Soon Carol

Friday, June 8, 2012

I Just Can't!!!!

I can't find my sewing/blogging mojo!!!

I have had so much going on! My hubby has met a few challenges and I'm on the job hunt!  I have not had the time to do much of anything!  Just wanted to touch base with my readers and say

I'LL BE BACK!!!! (In my Terminator voice)

I'm attending a wedding this Sunday and all my day dresses are not clean so I need to make a new one.  So, I guess I'll blog about that.  (Hmmm. . .) Also, I need to get off my tookus and make a suit to interview in. (Navy or Grey?) See. . . projects like this take my energy. (LOL!) 

Hi to my new readers!!! (old one's too!)

Talk Soon Carol