Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Verdict Is In!

So - I went out Friday to celebrate my birthday (I guess). My sister and her husband and my friend Alison showed up.  The weather prior to going out was terrible so I gave the no shows a pass! We had thunderstorms and all sorts of warnings but, it cleared up just in time for me to get dressed and hit the streets. I had a fun time as usual. Anywhoooo . . .

Here is the pattern I picked

Vogue 8894
The dress was comfortable and fun! When I did a spin - the skirt would fly out!  LOL!!  It was an easy sew and fast too.  Since I waited until the last minute to make the dress I needed a quick sew.  The instructions were straight forward to follow.  I just looked them over and did the sewing on my own.  I changed the hem and used a rolled him on the serger to speed up the process. I did not add a zipper in the back either.  This dress has a little extra room, so i didn't have to struggle to get it on.  All in all a great dress.  I may make this again, not sure. I received lot of compliments too!!!  (always a bonus).

Cell Phone Pic - Can't see the dress bottom. :(
The fabric is from JoAnn and is a stretch charmeuse you can find it here. As you can see, I constructed the dress so it is one color on one side and another on the other side.  This fabric has an hombre effect from bright yellow to navy blue. I paired it with a nude belt and shoes since the fabric was so busy!!
Tommy Hilfiger $10 @ TJ Maxx!
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Here I am to start another good year a little wiser!

When I started my blog post, I got this birthday message from Google!!
How fun it that!
Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hello All!!

My birthday is coming up this weekend and I have some fun plans!!  I just can't decide what to make/wear! We're having Summer here in my little town all this week and it's nice and hot.  The outfit I originally planned may cook me, So I'm rethinking.  I'm considering yellow, salmon or black and white. Dress pants? Hell I just don't know and as usual I'm running out of time! Here are some pattern choices (not to mention the fabric):

Eeni Meeni  Miney Moe,  I'll figure it out and let you know!

Anywhoooo - Just wanted to send a shout out to Mr. Gentleman Jim.  He's got a great website! He's a master tailor.  I've been watching his video's and the information is priceless!  Tailors do things a little different then the "home" sewer. It's really all about the insides and custom fit!  I had the pleasure of learning from a great Master Tailor/teacher here in the Chicago area in the past. Working with him and applying the techniques I learned has made a difference in the things I make. I don't normally do this but if you sew, give his video's a looksie!!  I sure do!

If I lived in GA, I'd take his class. But I don't. 

Help me out and give me some Birthday outfit suggestions!  I have almost every pattern made!!  

Talk Soon Carol

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Woman Cave!!

Hello Everyone,

I just want to let you in on my sewing space. I've posted a few pics before but never really talked about it. I'm adding it to The Sewing Loft website! Just like me on the last day and almost the final hour. (Geees)

Here is a sneak peak of my home inside of home! The Woman Cave! I love it in here! In my 12 x 10 space I can create, watch TV, smell fabric, blog and come out with the bestest outfits and fun things JUST FOR ME! (And others every now and then depending on the honor system.)  Anywhooooo. . . here it is - It's very personal. One thing I may add is an invisible electric shock fence at the door to keep all the undesirables (those who just don't get it) out!  My babies are a Janome 2160 DC, Singer Professional 5 and my Juki.  My retired machines are my Singer Featherweight and my Bernina Record Electric 830 (Wonderful Machines! No touchie touchie!)

My All Night Therapy Lounge - Drugs Included!!
DIY Table, Pattern Cabinet and Rollie

Room view and my babies!

My table in action and my Stash!
Juki and my Peggy board
My cutting table is from IKEA. It's two LACK Coffee tables! I  made it myself.  All the other furniture is from IKEA as well. I did a huge (sewing) project for their Illinois Flagship store back in 2006. My display was up for about 8 months!  It was quite an honor. My Rollie Pollie Ollie holds serger threads and all kinds of fun needful things as does my Peggy board.  The file cabinets are filled with patterns and more stuff. And then my "stash"! Nothing like shopping in the comfort of your own home. I'm trying to stay on my fabric diet and use my stash but I must admit that "Chevron thang" broke me!

It's Orange Chevron!
Hope you enjoy my pics as much as I enjoyed your visit!

Talk Soon Carol

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Rid of Some UFO's!!!

I'm About Getting It Done! Sometimes.

I'm posting to mention two things.  First - The Trevon Martin case. I was quite overwhelmed with the verdict. Not guilty, but yet and still a woman's child is gone. The man who pulled the trigger goes free. My head is not so settled on this. Feel free to leave a comment, your opinion on this tragedy. My heart goes out to his mother, father and brother.

Now back to sewing - There is a contest on for UFO's.  Unfinished Objects! As you can see I have my fair share of them and here they hang.  A constant reminder of what a procrastinator I can be or how the love of fabric is lost the minute I get distracted. (Just to name a few)

Pile/Mess 1

Excuse the mess!
This is what's behind Door #1

I must admit, to keep myself from sounding so wishy washy, that some of the outfits behind the door were for events and I just didn't have the time to start/finish them. (I guess becasue of procrastinating. sigh)

Anywooooo - I joined the contest. I will TRY and finish two garments.  Not such a hefty or unrealistic goal. An added bonus is they are summer garments, so I can wear them when I'm done.  The first dress is this yellow thing.

I started it two years ago when the Miami Heat won their first championship.  I remember because I sat down and put the beads on the neckline. This was the wonderful element that put this dress on the back of the door.  I don't really like it.
After I put it in the hell freezes over pile, I saw the dress finished on another blog. I was determined to keep it and not judge the dress until it is completely finished. I'll tell you, if it weren't for the Inspiration dress, this would have been in the TRASH!.  Let's see how things unfold. I'm willing to finish the job and add it to the contest. . .

 Here is the pattern  Simplicity 2025.

Then there is this dress View B, and fabric.
I love the fabric and it's linen but every time I wrap my head around finishing it or starting it a HUGE WRENCH sails by hits me in the head and once again, I get distracted and the next thing I know it's Winter again. LOL! (I'm not ready for that yet!)

So, there they are! I'm starting right after I'm done blogging or maybe I'll go to bed.  I will certainly post the finished projects for you to see and I'm hoping for the outcome I get with all my UFO's.  I usually love them and wonder what the hell took me so long to get them done!

Talk Soon Carol

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google Reader is Going Away?!!!

Follow me another way!  You choose from the sidebar!
Anyway you want, Just do it!

See you later Aligator?

After while Crocodile!

Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Overjoyed!

I've Been Sewing!!!!

We have been really busy here at the Warehouse. (All sorts of pun intended).  Anyhoooooo, we've been making some changes around the house and slowly but surely flipping the rooms in our house.
So with said I wanted to mention my sewing projects.

My last post showed my newly redone sewing room.  It's pretty and all but, I really haven't had the time to actually use it or my new serger either!  With work and our makeovers I've been to damn busy and too tired to do anything.  Well the time finally came for me to do the "fun" part.  I made curtains for my sewing room and curtains for my office space as well.  I even made myself a dress and I am in the process of making another.

I said that once I got a break I would tear a hole in my sewing room and that is just what I did and boy am I having fun!  It feels so good to actually get my hands on a project that is MINE all MINE!!!!

Here are a few pictures:
McCall's Fashion Star 6554

This dress just happened.  It wasn't planned.  I saw this fabric at the store closing time and it was only $1.50 a yard on clearance.  Couldn't find anything else so I got it.  Love the color and my friend recommended a yellow ribbon belt. The pattern was the first one I saw when I walked into the room. The fit is great and it really works.  I'll get pics in the dress later. :-)

Simplicity 4497 Dummies Pattern View A. I love Tab Tops. Fabric from IKEA

This fabric has been in my stash for 5 years and I finally used it.  Nice weight. The pink fabric was a mess! This is in my sewing room now and I love them. No pattern used here.

I did all this sewing in two days so for a little comic relief before I get back into it me and my son decided to initiate my new room and do the "Harlem Shake".

Have you had a sewing slump and missed mojo lately? I have shaken mine!!

Enjoy our celebration!!!

Talk Soon Carol

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I Miss Blogging!

Hello Everyone!! 

It has been a loooong time since my last blog post! I have been very busy with my business and have had little time to sew. I have not had time to blog but I have found time to read other blogs! (LOL! Go figure! It's much easier.) Those of you who still came to see my blog, THANK YO!!
Anywhooooo, I just want to catch you up on what I've been doing. . .

Non-Sewing: I have started a technical consulting business where I have been a sub-contractor for about a year now. I have been very fortunate to have found work and have found some worthy clients who send me work on a regular basis. One in which has asked to manage a large project for them. It's only the beginning and so far it's going well. (knock on everything wood in the room!) It is really keeping me busy! Because of this big break, I was fortunate enough to pull some folks off of the unemployment line which is a blessing. Feels great to be in a position to help other's who really deserve a chance. Wish me luck in my endeavours and I thank you in advance! Prayers welcome - Anytime!

In Tennesse on business needed some R&R time! This was down the street from my hotel!
Photo Photo Photo Photo

Non-Sewing Around The House:We are working springtime house beautiful projects as well. New light fixtures, my son's room (which is finished!), my sewing room (finally finished) and the office! Dut dut duuuunnnn! (That room is a beast! YIKES! It's only 8x9 and I swear it has teeth!) Can't wait for you to see the before and after! Oh, my brother in law is my new Gardner! We are bartering skills. I sew for him and give computer advise - he does the yard. IT LOOKS WONDERFUL! (Thanks Mr. Backyard!)

Sewing: I got a chance to see the British Sewing Show (Loved it!) Had my money on Ann!! Congrats Ann!
Got myself a new serger and we are great friends!

I made a prom dress for my niece. She didn't get to wear it. Yes, I spent some valuable time on this project but it is what it is. The Past! On a great note - she is learning how to sew and I learned a new technique. It has been a long time since I sat down and pumped out a "real" dress. I have been serging elastic waist pants and other quickie things that make you lazy and are mojo satisfiers (is that a word?). So, it was nice to see that I didn't loose my fitting/pro-dress making touch. :-).

Last but not least I re-did my sewing room! I added a new floor from Menards (We put it in ourselves and my husband and I are still friends!(LOL!)and a DIY cutting/storage table. I will be making new curtains this week as well but the pics have the old one's up. My room is small so it's always a challenge making things fit. I did a good job this go round! Whew! now its time for rest. (just a few hours)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!

Here's the "before" of my sewing room!

Thanks for visiting! I really enjoy your company!
Talk Soon Carol

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year Folks!

I just want to start out saying that I will not be posting a "year in review" list.  I've made a ton of stuff that is still on my blog. Besides, I'm not organized enough to post everything with pictures arranged and stuff and things. So, moving on - I had a great Christmas and my new year is starting out just dandy. (LOL!, I know, I know. I can't.)

I was online window shopping for bras (window shopping is when you click, click and click and checkout and then close the page after you see the shipping charges!)  and I noticed that the Cacique and Victoria's Secret were having their "big" sales.  So, I looked and looked and looked and $80 for two bra's I just couldn't do.

Anywoooo, I know a lot of you will pay that but since I have been sewing my own things I just can't seem to let the price thing go.  I feel if I am going to pay for it - it should be as nice as my made things  - Quality, fit and fun!!!

With that said I was blog walking at this early time in the morning and found this -

Not to mention - I have had two bra kits in my possession for two years now!  Just lazy. But guess what?

I'm gettin'em out NOW!

I will be posting my progress!!  Please if  you sew - get involved it starts today!

Stay tuned!

Victoria and Cacique - Eat your friggin hearts out Biiiitch!

(in my Snooki voice)

Talk Soon Carol