Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Arm Madness & Vogue Summer Picks!

Chocolate Satin!

Lately, not sure why, I'm loving the one arm look. Seems like everytime I go out I see at least one person with one on and it always looks sooooo nice.  Now, I have two but, they are part of "outifts".  So last week my sister-in-law wore one.  Hers was adorable! I decided to make one - not as a part of an outfit but just to have one.  When I complemented her she said - Just make one, you make everything else.  LOL!!  She's right so I did. I pulled out M6118 and read pattern review for it.  All the tops were so cute! Inspiration was hap'nin sooooooooo - - -

Here it is:

What do I wear with this?  Any suggestions?  Leave me a comment!!

Sleeve and neck detail.  See my new labels!
This top was easy to make. I got distracted so it took two days to finish. I used a poly charmeuse from Vogue Fabrics. I will definitely make another but not sure what fabric to use.  I have so much stuff!!  This project works best with a drapey fabric. (gotta lotta that too!)  (Check out my knock off on Pinterest!)

Vogue Summer's R Here!

I was poking along, taking a break from my sewing and I checked my email. (now, I'm blogging and didn't mean to!) Vogue Summer's are out - I wasn't really feeling them but they go on sale here in the Chi again this weekend.  I won't be spending a lot of money but I will be getting a few.

Here are my picks:

V8813-Marcy Tilton (has great potential)

V8808 - Cute! Cute! Cute!

I'm really digg'n this dress!! V1301
V8804-Gotta make a Chanel!

Solid w/Flat Sandals and bold color belt!!
 V1293 and V1284
These are from the Spring and I'm still trying to decide. Hmmmm.
Well I guess I'll get my cash ready. $28 more dollars.  I'll be tap dancing for my lunch. - LOL!! What about you?!!

Talk Soon Carol

Friday, April 20, 2012

Polka Dots!

Giveaway Winners!

Ok, so I had no idea how hard it was to giveaway free stuff!  Sorry it took me so long to get this done with but I got caught up! (that's so easy to do!) I guess you guys are a lot like me. (don't need any more stuff)  Well anywhooo - I picked names anyway.  My winners are Evoni V and Alethia!  Congratulations!!!  Thanks everyone for reading and I encourage you to leave comments and join as a member.  OK, now on to my review. . .

 Quick Contemporary Color block

McCall's 6400
This was a fast sew!  Front/Back one piece sew and fold hems! I made this shirt after reading a few reviews about how quick is was to construct.  I originally had another pattern picked for this fabric but you gotta go with your gut sometimes.  (or the fact that it's almost time to leave and I don't have a thing to wear) The fabric is an ITY I picked up at the Chicago Textile Warehouse.
I used a double needle to finish all hems on the shirt.
I did add the sleeve in red (a scrap I had) and made it a little bigger to hang off the shoulder.  I did the XL. I think next time I'll make the neck a little wider because the "hoochie factor" I wanted, didn't happen. But I wore it anyway.  I pictured it with the red skirt because I may wear this tomorrow. (LOL!)

This pattern was super duper easy peasy lemon squeezie so beginners take heed. So, here is how I wore it:

I hate it when you can't see my hairdo I paid for! LOL!
My pants are Liz Claiborne and my shoes are 5yrs old - First time wearing them (I'm shame!)

oooh, a quick post!
Talk Soon Carol

Friday, April 13, 2012


Thank Ya-Thank Ya, Thank Ya-Thank Ya!

I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and checking out what I've been making. To celebrate my 4000th hit and a year (+) of blogging I'm having a giveaway! cause everybody else does I will pick two winners. You  will need to do two things to enter:
  1. Become a member of my blog. (Yes, a sign up bribe in disguise!)
  2. Leave a comment about what you like about my blog, how I can improve, topic ideas, video blogs, tutorials or just a hey, I worship you. (breath - Whew! Don't forget your email links)
WHATEVER! (just keep it clean and short- LOL!) What are the prizes you say?  Well you're just gonna have to sign up and win to find out. (te he he) OK! I'll tell a part of one prize: On my page there's a "My sister sells AVON" link.  Well, she does and she's given me this to add to the punch.

I really like this stuff! It smells good and it doesn't make me itch! (You won't need an Ocean-ah of Calamine lotion-ah) Avon has come a long way! The new nail polish is to dy fowr! (gum chewing wink) 

Anywhoooooo. . .(in Royal Bluuue)
Thanks Again and Good Luck to yooou!! - Winners on Saturday!!

My lil "winners" picker!

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ani-mal! Ani-mal!

I love my Cheetah print skirt! It's Animal!!

Mimi G. Does it again!! - I saw, I watched, I made!
I Luv, Luv, Luv!!!

Anywhooooo. . .  I had this fabric right, $1.50 per yard, 2.5yds at Wal-mart right. So, So, I'm not a cheetah print wear'n, tight dress, tight shirt w/big boobs wear'n so - it sat and sat and sat and sat until . . . Ta Taaaa- I heard the trumpets sound when I watched Mimi's skirt tutorial. (LOL!!)  A SKIRT - duh. 

This skirt took about 45 minutes to make because my fabric was flimzzay!  It's a cheap thin jersey knit but great for this project because gathered the fabric lays so niiiice. (eye bat).  After doing the Mimi shuffle (add this times three, divide by four, long by 2000 (pause) and cut and sew-1,2) I had a huge tube - I hate hemming but I had to make a casing.

I added a lettuce edge, with my serger, to the bottom to ease the hem pain and its pretty too. Great beginner project and fast for the intermediate and advanced folks!  I'm on the lamb for a fushia pink one-much nicer fabric. I guess that can wait unitl this weekend. I have been neglecting my family. (LOL!!)

Lettuce Edge

WA - LA!

My T you say? It's new too.

My T was a UFO from last summer. Simplicity 5877 (OOP)
Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon Carol

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Pretty Pair!

Two Reviews!

Everyone have a Happy Easter or a Great Weekend! (smile)
Vogue 8780

This jacket has an interesting story.  I was to go out one Friday night early Feb. and planned to make this jacket to wear.  I made McCall's 6034 (View B, OOP) first and wanted the jacket to go with it.  I did go out but I wore something else. (Go Figure!)

When the pattern came out I was so excited to make it but that soon wore off.  Anywhoooo, I purchased some sage green fleece and my "spark" was ignited once again.  But - my sewing room was a disaster and the mojo was GONE!  So, that fabric sat in the bag for a month collecting dust (receipt and all). 

Well, I have since redone my room (as seen the end of this post) and my mojo is back!!!! But then it's been so warm. WTF! LOL!! Well, I live in Chicago so, as I knew, there would be more cold day's ahead before the REAL hotness sets in. Wala - it's been freezing here and I now get to wear my pair. (cheese!)

So, here are pics and my brief review:

The jacket and top were both easy to make and a beginner would be able to handle these.  The shirt is finished with a band at the bottom and has roushed shoulders. I didn't make any changes or alterations this was made out of the envelope. It's a little long on me so I could have shortened it about an inch or two.

Front. Love this shirt!

Shoulder detail

I wasn't ready and KC wouldn't take another pic. Boys!
The jacket edges are unfinished except for the sleeve and the collar hems. Easy peazy lemon squeezie.  One word of caution - when you work on a project with raw edges- make sure your cuts are nice and even.  I go over with small sharp scissors and trim off any uneven edges to make for a nice smooth cut. Or you can cut out your pattern with a rotary blade. The only Jagged Edge I'm into is the singing group!

I did view A and a size larger so it would close.
On this pattern, I made two changes. 1.) The pattern has you sew the front's together exposing the neck seam and the collar hem. (huh?) I "reversed" their instructions so my seams are hidden and not on top. Be forewarned the wrong sides of the fabric are exposed so DON'T use a fabric with an "obvious" wrong side. 

Little animal print surprise in the pocket!
 2.) I added a ribbon tie to the side seams. (Bling!) Love the back drape!

The sleeves are a litle longer then I need so I roll them up. Next time I make this I will shorten the sleeve pattern. I love them both - now I just can't wait until it gets cold again so I can wear them! LOL!  Wait! it is cold again!!  That's right - I said it!!!  I'll make another for the warmer weather. (LOL!)

Stop playing those damn video games and take my picture!!

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog!  I really appreciate the time you take to stop and read.  I'll be having a giveaway next week to celebrate 4000 hits!

Thanks again and keep reading!!

 Talk Soon Carol! :-)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Snake! Sssssssssss!

Cynthia Rowley-Simplicity 2054

After blogging all day! Whew!  I'm tired!

When I first saw this pattern I thought - naaa!  Then I saw the Fabu Erica B's take and I said Oh Yeah! I admire her style and craftswomen ship. (cheese!)
Erica's Version of Simplicity 2054
She really sets it off and pumps out the outfits faster then you can check for a new post on her blog!  (I LUV her blog! True Diva she is!)  Wonderful inspiration!!

I get creative every once and awhile so I didn't want to "copy" Erica's dress only she can rock her style! (ya feel me?) Well, about a month ago my friend Grace made the dress "straight black" it looked great and she really liked the fit.  We have similar builds so I thought I'd give it a try.  She gave me her pattern so, I can't beat free right?!

For some reason (after it sat for 3 weeks) I had this vision of snake and cream that I've had in the stash both about 3 years. It feels good to get rid of old stash. I'm making room for more! (Tehehe).  So, I made this dress.  (View C w/Infinity Scarf)

I wore this to a "stepper's set" so it's rather loud but I love this dress. It's fits wonderfully and I picked up a new client! (good thing!)

Sleeve detail is cool. Hit right at the elbow!

This is the back of the cowl.  My fabric has no drape and pleats allowed it to drape nicely.

Dress back.
This dress was easy to make and would be a good project for a beginner. I think I may use this pattern again for a color block dress.  Can't seem to think of colors to use. Hmmmmmm?

Pattern Rated: Easy peasy lemon squeezie
I serged the whole dress expect on the hem. I used a twin needle for the hem and neck after serging the neckband on.  The fit on this dress is impeccable.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of me in it. (LOL! Yea, I know-bad blogger!)  And, the shoes or should I say boots I wore!

I wore these boots with cream tights.
I know this is a "fall/winter" outfit but I'm glad I got this post in before the "winter" was over!  LOL!!!!!! It's still cold in Chicago!


Enjoy this Video of two Powerful Steppers! Maybe, one week if I can, I'll post myself dancing when I go out! ;-)

Talk Soon Carol