Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!

I have bee a blog M.I.A.!!!  Let me first apologise.  I do have some projects to blog but lately I have not had any time to do it.  Soooooooo, stay tuned, I promise next week will have some new stuff!!!  In the meantime in between time - THANKS FOR READING THE OLD STUFF!!!!!!!!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy your extra day off!!

Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Ramblings!

Hello Everyone It's May! Time for ramblings!

I'm sitting here not really wanting to blog about clothing but it's a sewing blog so WTH?! I have pictures of some projects and a work in progress.

My son will be done with school in two weeks. (OMG! I'm not ready!)

Janet Jackson and NutiSystem (She's Gorgeous!) not inspiring. (LOL!)

Roasting chicken leg quarters for dinner today. (Chicken again!)

I have to paint my nails. What a chore!

My son kissed me good-by and said "have a good day mommy". So I will. (lol!)

I hope I finish my projects today.

Got a hunk of "ugly fabric" as a gift. Turns out it's not ugly at all!

Got my new Threads magazine in the mail. I read it the same day. Now I have to wait another few months for the next one. But, I will use it for the new "placket" info.

Made two dresses from Mimi G's dress tutorial! I love them!

MimiG's Tutorial Maxi Dress

Joined Pinterest and I now have another "website" I have to check.

I ordered some fabric online for my daughter's maternity outfit. I'm about to become a Grrr, Grraa GRRR. I can't say it.

I watched a show called "Who The $*%^ Did I Marry!" LOL!!!  No, it's not a comedy but REALLY?!

I actually purchased a shirt from the store!!!  Felt kinda good!

I'm attending a Kentucky Derby Party!  Gotta hat and errrr thang! (I'll blog the dress on my next post.) 

I have a big bag of (easy) alterations and two dresses for other's to complete and I'm still sewing for myself.  (I gotta stop sewing for folks!)

Well, I guess I should get back to work!

I have a ton of patterns - let me know if you would like some. We can talk about shipping but I'm giving them away!  Leave me an email or sidebar message! (First come first serve until they are gone! Spread the word!)

I made the this skirt for the Pattern RTW contest and didn't get in it. WTF! 
Supposed contest skirt. The original is $400!

My KD hat! Some UFO's and my current W.I.P that is neglected while I blog!
Thanks for listening reading!
Talk Soon Carol