Monday, January 23, 2012

Poppyeeeeezz. . .(Wicked Witch of the East)

My Winter Maxi in Poppy!
This dress was supposed to have been worn yesterday but, things didn't go quite as planned (bummer!) so here it lands on my dummy lady.  (At least she gets to be fashionable).  Anywoooooo, this is another version of Simplicity 2580.  My first attempt at this dress was the leprechaun dress I made last March. 

This dress was so successful for my body type that I used it again in a "I need a dress crunch"!  This is view D which is a sleeveless maxi with a drape neck.  This dress took about two hours to make (with interruptions of course) and was ready to go. This fabric is a heavier ribbed cotton jersey an almost "sweater" knit.  I added a ribbon belt and loops in the same color.  The ribbon package says "Poppy" and I thought well if it don't match, I'll take it back.  Low and behold it's a Poppy match!

Drape detail.  I got this fabric to match this scarf 7 yrs ago!

Matching Satin Ribbon Tie Belt

So once again I post an outfit with me not in it. (Sigh)  I made only two adjustments, I added 1.25" to the bodice and cut 6.5" off the bottom.  I think I'm shrinking!

This a great project for any level sewer and again I'll mention a great style for "busty" women! LOL!! I will, more than likely, make another version of this dress in a crunch. 

OH! But of course - last but not least my shoes!

These boots hurt but beauty is painful! So I'm told!

Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Animal Print or Not?!

I was trying to look like him! LOL!
Fashion is Animalistic! 

Hello Everyone and Welcome to a New Year! 

As you can see I'm starting off slow and this is my first "fashion" post of the year.  Let me tell you what I've been into!!  My sister in law and I and a few of her friends (now mine!) have been hitting the town on a regular basis!  I LOOOOOVE this because I just want to dance whenever I get a chance!  Anywhooooo. . .  this means I can sew outfits for myself errrrrr week!! Well, that's what I have been doing.  No fancy thought up resolutions, time wasters etc. - just SEWIN!! -  Friday is a comin and I'll be a sewin! LOL!

OK This post is about last Friday's outfit. Here's the line drawing.

I like my clothes original, classic and chic - sometimes very loud! LOL!  Well, this pattern has been in my stash for about 8 years (uncut!).  It's no longer in print so I can't evern call it OOP! (Wait I just checked. You can buy it on PR!) Anyway, I had some fabric set aside for it and when I got it out it was "fo real" summer fabric.  Here in Chicago you can't mess with that or you'll FREEZE!  So, I thought - use something else?!  WHAT?!  Now there's a thought.  All you sewers out there know that when you find a fabric and pattern to match there's no breaking up that relationship!  I took the risk and did it. . .

I used a pattern with fabric it was not intended for!
(Psycho screech in the background) 


I loved my result!
The zebra fabric was in my stash about 3 years - I was supposed to make a coat.  The fabric feels like faux something? It's a mystery fabric from JoAnn and was a "costume" fabric. Nice and wintery.
Here are the detail pictures:

Jacket close up

Collar Detail w/piping

3/4 Sleeve with slit @ cuff

Double vent on front and skirt back. Stops right above the knee.

Skirt waistband (matches the collar) :-)
I won't have a pic of me in this as I already wore it. Maybe if I'm bored or something I'll put it on and take a pic. (yea right) but I promise to take pics in the clothes from now on. Last but not least the shoes. It's all about the shoes!

Today is Thursday - It's my night to pull an all niter for my Friday outfit .
I promise to get a picture this time! (cheese)

Talk Soon Carol

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! myspace graphic comments
Graphics for Happy New Year Comments

As this year has come to a close - for which I was asleep - I have to reflect on the past year:  I've sewn lots of things, broke another serger, cooked decent meals for my family, baked, laughed, cried, partied, danced, blogged and I'm almost over my grocery store phobia.  It was a lot like last year except I hadn't included blogged in 2010.  So with that said - thanks for reading and I enjoy the silent company!

Talk Soon Carol