Friday, April 13, 2012


Thank Ya-Thank Ya, Thank Ya-Thank Ya!

I'd like to thank everyone for visiting my blog and checking out what I've been making. To celebrate my 4000th hit and a year (+) of blogging I'm having a giveaway! cause everybody else does I will pick two winners. You  will need to do two things to enter:
  1. Become a member of my blog. (Yes, a sign up bribe in disguise!)
  2. Leave a comment about what you like about my blog, how I can improve, topic ideas, video blogs, tutorials or just a hey, I worship you. (breath - Whew! Don't forget your email links)
WHATEVER! (just keep it clean and short- LOL!) What are the prizes you say?  Well you're just gonna have to sign up and win to find out. (te he he) OK! I'll tell a part of one prize: On my page there's a "My sister sells AVON" link.  Well, she does and she's given me this to add to the punch.

I really like this stuff! It smells good and it doesn't make me itch! (You won't need an Ocean-ah of Calamine lotion-ah) Avon has come a long way! The new nail polish is to dy fowr! (gum chewing wink) 

Anywhoooooo. . .(in Royal Bluuue)
Thanks Again and Good Luck to yooou!! - Winners on Saturday!!

My lil "winners" picker!

Talk Soon Carol

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