Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rambling on!

It's the Saturday before Halloween!

Happy Hallowen!

  • I made two Cowl Neck scarves! (Very nice and drapey!)
  • I made some panne velvet leggings because I saw a lady with some on and I really liked them.
  • I made my Halloween costume and I'm excited about wearing it.  It's really nice! (Will blog about that later if I win any contests. LOL!) Gogo boots are over priced.
  • Chicken again - smells good today. (Lol!)
  • My son is growing up and hearing me.  He got all A's and one B on his report card. I had to buy him something.
  • I stayed up all night making my Halloween costume.  (Yawn)
  • Got my hair done today and I like it.
  • Watched Project Runway and analyzed the outcome.  I agree but I felt Victor should have won. My money was on Josh tho.
  • Still have Grey's Anatomy and 4 episodes of Sex and the City to watch - I'm late. I didn't have HBO when it was on.
  • My husband made Chili for my department at work - they enjoyed the food.  It was good. He's thoughtful - sometimes. (cheese!)
  • I figured out which shoes to wear tonight. I figure, since I have so many pair I guess it would be stupid to buy more.  I'll feel differently next payday.
  • Did some laundry.  I hate laundry, but I like clean clothes.
  • I guess this will be the week I start using the tread mill and stop looking at it.
  • How and when did I get so busy?!
I need a nap - I'm rambling but before I go here's my favorite comic strip for this time of year:
FYI -it's a little Racy so you're forewarned.

Talk Soon Carol

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I made a decision!

TNT Pattern - Sweatsuit Alternative

Per Tim Gunn, you are not supposed to be seen out in public wearing sweats! HA!  Finally, I found my personal answer to the sweatsuit.  In a previous post (Ramblings, I think) I needed to make an outfit for a family party.  Well Vogue 1197 was my final decision.  This pattern went together super fast and that's what I needed.  I had in my stash some white velour and the print was sweatshirt fabric. Both I purchased about 6 months ago from Vogue Fabrics.  Originally, I wanted an all white outfit but I ran out of fabric. I found the print in a frantic stash rant at 1 AM. The velour was so thick - glad that's gone and I have just a little more room in my fabric closet. LOL!

The cowl is drafted in two sizes.  I chose the small one.  I can't imagine how messy the big one probably is!  Anyway, the raglan sleeves have rouching to the elbow, the pants have an elastic waist and are an inseam only deal (like pj pants).  I also put the slit at the bottom of the pants and finished all seams with a double needle (cause I don't have a coverstitch machine - YET!)

Small Cowl Neck

Sleeve rouching
Slit at pants bottom

and of course - The Shoes!

I must admit I only have three Sandra Betzina patterns and one was a total "Wadder" but I have to give her her props on this one!  Well written, fast, easy and looks great! Maybe I'll give the "wadder" another go.  (We'll see.)  I love this outfit!! I will be making this one at least two more times. Count on it!

Talk Soon Carol

Winter is coming!!

A Cardinal!!

Look what I had the pleasure of spotting on this past Saturday afternoon!  He stopped (on his way south) to eat some berries from our Juniper bush!!!  WOW!!!  I called my son on the phone (from the driveway) and he got the camera and took pics.  Right outside my office window!

Talk Soon Carol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Can't believe I did it again!!!

Missed Tim Gunn!!!

My friend got to meet Tim Gunn Saturday!!! He was here at a local mall for Liz Claiborne.  I was invited but had to pass. What the hell was I thinking?!
It sunk in after she text me this picture! :-(

Anyhoooooo (HUGE Sigh). . . Here she is with the man of many words!  That's ok, I'll get my picture one day!  I'll make it work! Bet That!

WTG Kathy!!!

Talk Soon Carol

A Fleece Moment!


My friend and I were at JoAnn Fabrics on Friday and she hammered me about a fleece poncho I made about 3 years ago.  It's pilled and discussting old, but clean. :-)

It's Dead!!

Anywhooo, as I was standing in front of  Polar Fleece for $3.99 per yard. She said (aloud) GET OVER THAT PONCHO! BUY SOME DAMN FLEECE AND MAKE A NEW ONE - PLEASE! Nothing like friends, huh?! She then proceeded to point to out a nice print as I stood in front of it, not noticing but laughing my ass off! 

OK! She was right so here is my new fall  "running around" coat.

OOP Vogue 8562

I did view B and size 18.  This is a quick and easy pattern.  It's fully lined coat with flannel back satin for a little extra warmth. I added a jacket stay and muslin in the front shoulder area to eliminate stretching over time. I also put a button at the top of the neck instead of a coat snap, which I used as closures on the rest of the jacket.  I made this jacket about two years ago to match a dress and remembered how fast it was so Saturday night I whipped it out and got to wear it today!

Jacket Front

Full Lining

Jacket Back
Here in Chicago "Fall" lasts about a month if we're lucky, so it's actually going to be good weather to wear this coat.  I made a hat and purchased some $1 stretch gloves to match to carry me to the first frost. The whole ensamble cost me $11! (LOL!  I love those cheap gloves!)

It's so soft!!

Talk Soon Carol

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ramblings of a Seamstress

Going to a family function on Saturday - don't know what the hell to make (as usual).  Its an opportunity to blog about it but I can't seem to pick an outfit to save my life. They keep changing!!!

If I don't get my hair done Saturday morning I'm going to scream!

I cooked chicken again today. Ick!

I checked my Blog Stats today and saw I have a some readers in other countries!  Wow! I'm ecstatic about that and Welcome to my world folks!! Thanks for reading!

Today when I got off work, I took a drive to Hancock Fabrics to buy all of the wonderful patterns I mentioned I wanted. You know, the new Vogue winter stuff. I was going to buy a Simplicity pattern for a Halloween Costume and a McCall's pattern top too. 
Would you believe the patterns are all on Sale too! 

Yes, I want to be a penguin.

I've been waiting on this forever it seems.

They didn't have a @#%*#^! thing and the costume I want is not in the book! Now I don't have any damn gas or new patterns!  (Well I guess I have to wait until next week!) Aw Man!

Talk Soon Carol

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vogue "New" Pattern release

Vogue has released it's new Late Fall collection of patterns.  I say "Late Fall" because I'm still in denial that cold weather will be here to stay in Chicago by Halloween. (Gurrrrrr!) 
I like to check other blogs and see what the other sewists have to say about the patterns and what they will be making. Well here are the winners that will be making their way into my crazed collection of patterns:
1269 Chado Ralph Rucci - This is my favorite! Can't wait to make this!
This will be a flattering look because I'm short. Peplum ruffles work for me!

1273 Badgley Mischka - This will be a great two color dress! Black/White or Orange/Fuchsia!
 Maybe New Year's Eve?!

1275 Sandra Betzina - I need a cute knit top for all that knit fabric I have. 
This one will be made twice.  I'll have one of each!

8780 Very Easy Vogue - Oh! Oh! Oh! That's all I can say. 
I have some Houndstooth wool that has been waiting for this jacket!
OK, I'm gettin geeked about the cold weather! (LOL!)
8771 Very Easy Vogue - Another nice knit top.
I like the two tone option and the sleeve as well.

Aside from all the other projects I have on the horizon, these will trump some of them.  Can't wait for the pattern sale at JoAnn. I'll be front and center with my $20 on hand!   

Talk Soon Carol