Thursday, April 26, 2012

One Arm Madness & Vogue Summer Picks!

Chocolate Satin!

Lately, not sure why, I'm loving the one arm look. Seems like everytime I go out I see at least one person with one on and it always looks sooooo nice.  Now, I have two but, they are part of "outifts".  So last week my sister-in-law wore one.  Hers was adorable! I decided to make one - not as a part of an outfit but just to have one.  When I complemented her she said - Just make one, you make everything else.  LOL!!  She's right so I did. I pulled out M6118 and read pattern review for it.  All the tops were so cute! Inspiration was hap'nin sooooooooo - - -

Here it is:

What do I wear with this?  Any suggestions?  Leave me a comment!!

Sleeve and neck detail.  See my new labels!
This top was easy to make. I got distracted so it took two days to finish. I used a poly charmeuse from Vogue Fabrics. I will definitely make another but not sure what fabric to use.  I have so much stuff!!  This project works best with a drapey fabric. (gotta lotta that too!)  (Check out my knock off on Pinterest!)

Vogue Summer's R Here!

I was poking along, taking a break from my sewing and I checked my email. (now, I'm blogging and didn't mean to!) Vogue Summer's are out - I wasn't really feeling them but they go on sale here in the Chi again this weekend.  I won't be spending a lot of money but I will be getting a few.

Here are my picks:

V8813-Marcy Tilton (has great potential)

V8808 - Cute! Cute! Cute!

I'm really digg'n this dress!! V1301
V8804-Gotta make a Chanel!

Solid w/Flat Sandals and bold color belt!!
 V1293 and V1284
These are from the Spring and I'm still trying to decide. Hmmmm.
Well I guess I'll get my cash ready. $28 more dollars.  I'll be tap dancing for my lunch. - LOL!! What about you?!!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. I would wear a nice skinny jean with the top or a pair of leggings..Let it stop just before the ankle to that you show off your shoes and ankles :).. I love love the print....

  2. Skinny jeans!!! That's it!! I have a great pair and some fun teal shoes!! Thanks!!!


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