Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Outfit Post!

Hey Peeps! I'm actually blogging about an outfit!

Hellerrrrr Readers!

Since I have been active in this PeriCrafters Wardrobe Challenge I have actually been sewing and blogging! I started up blogging again after a few of you had questions and stuff. But since I have found Periscope I have been sharing on there.  WELL, I just finished an outfit and I really love it so I'm blogging in depth about it.

I decided to use simple patterns for each piece so the fabric could be the show piece. 

Simplicity Pattern 8016 Misses' Knit Tops with Lace Variations
The Top is View C
The Pants are View D

Anywooo. . .  Let's talk about this beauty

The Geometric Boarder Fabric (Matte Jersey) I scored at Fine Fabrics in Norcross, GA.  What a visit! I scored a lot of fabrics I didn't need for $49!! (ROFL)

The shirt has a contrast piece at the top of the top (tee hee) front and back, both cut on the fold.  So I utilized the boarder as the contrast fabric. Since I didn't have much fabric left I had to cut the back in two separate pieces and added seam allowance.  This also allowed me to better fit my top in the back. The contrast pieces were cut on the fold per the pattern. I chose to bias bind the neck and armholes for style and stability.  The pattern says fold down/stitch. This top needed more and I love the result.

The Pants were a part of the PeriCrafters Wardrobe Challenge. I thought that this fabric would work well on this Palazzo pant. I implemented an elastic waist treatment with the elastic on top as the waistband and laid the pants on the cross grain to allow the boarder to be on the bottom of the pants. On both pants and top the hem treatments are rolled hems done on the serger.

I guess this outfit is my prelude to fall sewing. As much as I hate the cold weather I gotta start somewhere. (Shat!)

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I'll be posting my McCall's knot dress soon and explaining the process! Stay tuned!!

Talk Soon Carol

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wardrobe Building Challenge - The Pants! Part 2

Hey Wardrobe Builders!! It's Pants Week!!

***Schedule UPDATE***

Seam finishing and Waistband Treatments for "elastic waist" knit pant patterns!

Here is my Periscope and blog posting schedule!
Sunday, 8/14/16 - 7:30 CST - Pattern Prep and Cutting
Monday, 8/15/16 - 8:00 CST - Seam finishing and Waistband Treatments 
Thursday, 8/18/16 - 7:30 CST - Fun Hem Options - *Schedule Change*
Friday 8/19/16 - 7:00 CST - Q & A and Show my pants!

Welcome Back!!

As I mentioned yesterday, I'll be posting progress this week of the pants process for our Wardrobe Building Challenge. Again, I am making two pair of pants because that, my dear is what I need. 

Simplicity Pattern Misses' Sportswear, Pants, Skirt, Knit Top and Cardigan, (8, 10, 12, 14, 16)

Today I'll be talking/Periscoping about waist finishes.  What you can do with decorative elastic and two other methods of finishing your waistband.  You will learn two additional types of finishes if you would like to consider another method of the elastic waist!
Here is a link to tonight's scope!

Different waistband finishes. Hmm, but no progress. Shhhhh!

I'll be updating the blog as my progress moves forward!  If you don't follow me on Periscope already. You can by clicking on the "Follow" icon at the top of my blog page!

If were able to catch the live scope yesterday, I hope you enjoyed it! If not, click here to watch the replay! Thanks for joining us on this wardrobe building journey.  It's was I needed to stay on track and keep my azz working on one project at a time!  (ROFL!)  Hope to see you on Wednesday!  

Whew! I get a break tomorrow. (ROFL!)
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Talk Soon Carol