Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Verdict Is In!

So - I went out Friday to celebrate my birthday (I guess). My sister and her husband and my friend Alison showed up.  The weather prior to going out was terrible so I gave the no shows a pass! We had thunderstorms and all sorts of warnings but, it cleared up just in time for me to get dressed and hit the streets. I had a fun time as usual. Anywhoooo . . .

Here is the pattern I picked

Vogue 8894
The dress was comfortable and fun! When I did a spin - the skirt would fly out!  LOL!!  It was an easy sew and fast too.  Since I waited until the last minute to make the dress I needed a quick sew.  The instructions were straight forward to follow.  I just looked them over and did the sewing on my own.  I changed the hem and used a rolled him on the serger to speed up the process. I did not add a zipper in the back either.  This dress has a little extra room, so i didn't have to struggle to get it on.  All in all a great dress.  I may make this again, not sure. I received lot of compliments too!!!  (always a bonus).

Cell Phone Pic - Can't see the dress bottom. :(
The fabric is from JoAnn and is a stretch charmeuse you can find it here. As you can see, I constructed the dress so it is one color on one side and another on the other side.  This fabric has an hombre effect from bright yellow to navy blue. I paired it with a nude belt and shoes since the fabric was so busy!!
Tommy Hilfiger $10 @ TJ Maxx!
Thanks for the birthday wishes! Here I am to start another good year a little wiser!

When I started my blog post, I got this birthday message from Google!!
How fun it that!
Talk Soon Carol