Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rambling on!

Ramblings. . .

  1. My 1 year blogaversary was last month - can't quite remember the day when I started. (Hmmmm.)
  2. I was laid off of my seamstress job.  Good thing I don't have to stop being a seamstress.
  3. I love sewing all night and watching Jerry Springer @ 4AM
  4. My husband is a hardworking guy who takes great care of us. He's addicted to eBay. Another package just arrived.
  5. I revamped my sewing space to take on more business at home (again? I never stopped.)
  6. I just cleaned the house and cooked dinner (before noon!)
  7. I went fabric shopping with my best friend of 37 years this weekend! She has already finished projects. I just washed my fabric today.
  8. I haven't blogged in over a month but I've been reading everyone Else's! To my reader's (I'm sorry!)
  9. I'm afraid of Pinterest - I have an addictive personality and no more time!
  10. I like but my "last" job certainly was NOT a "What I'm wearing" type of thang!
  11. I just made the coolest dress. It's hanging on the door waiting for it's blog turn.
  12. I have two pair's of slacks - cut and ready to sew. They have been there for almost two years now.
  13. My husband wants me to stay home. (how long will that last?) I better not get to comfy and hurry up and sew that suit! (LOL!)
  14. I've been asked to give dance lessons. Not once did they mention money. (WTF! LOL!)
  15. My stylist wants to color my hair. I'm chicken. (bak, bak, bucaaaaaah!!)
  16. The Mission Maxi is in the mail!
  17. I made panties for myself. Bra's next!! (next what. . .)
  18. I just found a hook for my gravity feed iron. I don't want to put it up. (snarl)
  19. My camera has it's own personality.
I'M SEWING ALL EVENING!!!!!!!!!! (maybe I'll get those pants done.)

My Dinner for tonight! I'm hungry!
Here's my 8'x10' improved workspace in video!  Tell me wutcha think?

Talk Soon Carol


  1. 7. Not only are my pants sewn but they have appeared on FB and been lovingly commented on.

    9. Get on Pinterest so we can share a board and pin our brilliance for the world to see.

    15. I thank God everyday for the person who invented hair color. Get over yourself.

    16. If that Mission Maxi were here I'd have made 2 dresses by now.


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