Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FABRIC DEALZ!!! - Update!!

G-Street Fabrics in D.C. WOWZA!!

Hi There Everyone,

The Living Social Deal I talked about on this post has expired!  Yes, you missed out!  I almost missed out but didn't (thanks to my wonderful husband)!  We dashed over there at the last minute (following mapquest) and we found it!! I managed to purchase two fabrics with my coupon. One for myself and the other hunk for my friend - Grace. 

The store was very nice and the fabrics pretty and a little pricey but hey, you lookie-you findey. It was fun as fabric shopping always is. I love visiting fabric stores in other states. Its nice to be able to compare and see new stuff!!  
Gorgeous hunk of 3 yds. Blk/whte soft lycra knit!  Can you say jumpsuit? Ooo Weee!

Joseph Cubas stretch-crepe jumpsuit

Talk Soon Carol

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I love fabric.  Let's face it - I always say I won't buy more and I have tons and tons of it. Anywhooooo, it seams I can't turn my head from a great deal.  I read lots of blogs and love the things that others sew and wonder  - - (in my green, stary eyed voice) where did she find that fabric?! 

Well, Well, some of  the bloggers I read shop at G-Street Fabrics and they also advertise on  I happen to be visiting the area and found this deal on Living  For those of you who don't know, it's like Groupon. I'm addicted to both sites and have found wonderful fabric bargins on both.  I'm sharing one with you!!  A coupon for Living Social.  I can't wait to visit this store!!!!

I feel if I share this with you - I won't buy up all of the fabric. (Save some for the fish!)  Enjoy!!!  Get off the fabric diet for a few and join me in a falling off the wagon adventure! Oh, they have an online store!

Don't worry about me - I'll make room!!!

Talk Soon Carol

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