Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Grape Kool-Aid!

This jacket is a result of the color block frenzy that I'm currently on. But - as I do - this jacket was cut out last fall.  (A year ago last fall) If you look at the Zebra post - you can see the pieces hanging in the background. (smile).  Well, I got sick of picking them up off of the floor and said  - "I need to finish the purple jacket!" So I did. But, it sat on the dress dummy even longer because I didn't like the buttons I purchased and just didn't know what I wanted.  My friend Grace said "Use the purple fabric and cover a button." DUH!!  Sometimes you just need someone else to enlighten you. So, I did and I really like it.  The plaid trim is a result of (shhh) a deco machine stitch gone wrong that I just didn't want to pick it out! Came out nice!

Have I worn it? No, it still needs a buttonhole. LOL!!!! (and a skirt and top)

Vogue 8627
This jacket was straight forward on instructions. This is a pattern for the intermediate+ sewer.  There are lots of pieces and the jacket is fully lined.  The back of the jacket is asymmetrical which is quite a nice style element. I mixed fabrics on this jacket.  I used Purple Faux Suede on the facings and bottom back and Cotton Sateen for the rest of the jacket. The lining was purchased on a trip to New York City about 8 years ago. (whew!)  I added a muslin jacket stay to the back, jacket interfaced the the front and facings. The color is all that! I want to make some lime green cigarette pants to wear with it. (Owwww!).
Faux Suede Lapels
Ribbon Detail (Look no button hole!)

Asym. Back w/Faux Suede
Inside out. Lining from NYC. Very Slippery!
I do recommend this pattern for it's sleek unique look but, I won't be making another. Maybe I'll go sew the buttonhole!

(Update - July 27. Still not button. I'll just wait for the fall Season!  Never made those lime green pants either.)

Talk Soon Carol

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