Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rambling on!

It's the Saturday before Halloween!

Happy Hallowen!

  • I made two Cowl Neck scarves! (Very nice and drapey!)
  • I made some panne velvet leggings because I saw a lady with some on and I really liked them.
  • I made my Halloween costume and I'm excited about wearing it.  It's really nice! (Will blog about that later if I win any contests. LOL!) Gogo boots are over priced.
  • Chicken again - smells good today. (Lol!)
  • My son is growing up and hearing me.  He got all A's and one B on his report card. I had to buy him something.
  • I stayed up all night making my Halloween costume.  (Yawn)
  • Got my hair done today and I like it.
  • Watched Project Runway and analyzed the outcome.  I agree but I felt Victor should have won. My money was on Josh tho.
  • Still have Grey's Anatomy and 4 episodes of Sex and the City to watch - I'm late. I didn't have HBO when it was on.
  • My husband made Chili for my department at work - they enjoyed the food.  It was good. He's thoughtful - sometimes. (cheese!)
  • I figured out which shoes to wear tonight. I figure, since I have so many pair I guess it would be stupid to buy more.  I'll feel differently next payday.
  • Did some laundry.  I hate laundry, but I like clean clothes.
  • I guess this will be the week I start using the tread mill and stop looking at it.
  • How and when did I get so busy?!
I need a nap - I'm rambling but before I go here's my favorite comic strip for this time of year:
FYI -it's a little Racy so you're forewarned.

Talk Soon Carol

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