Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Ramblings of a Seamstress

Going to a family function on Saturday - don't know what the hell to make (as usual).  Its an opportunity to blog about it but I can't seem to pick an outfit to save my life. They keep changing!!!

If I don't get my hair done Saturday morning I'm going to scream!

I cooked chicken again today. Ick!

I checked my Blog Stats today and saw I have a some readers in other countries!  Wow! I'm ecstatic about that and Welcome to my world folks!! Thanks for reading!

Today when I got off work, I took a drive to Hancock Fabrics to buy all of the wonderful patterns I mentioned I wanted. You know, the new Vogue winter stuff. I was going to buy a Simplicity pattern for a Halloween Costume and a McCall's pattern top too. 
Would you believe the patterns are all on Sale too! 

Yes, I want to be a penguin.

I've been waiting on this forever it seems.

They didn't have a @#%*#^! thing and the costume I want is not in the book! Now I don't have any damn gas or new patterns!  (Well I guess I have to wait until next week!) Aw Man!

Talk Soon Carol

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