Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Fleece Moment!


My friend and I were at JoAnn Fabrics on Friday and she hammered me about a fleece poncho I made about 3 years ago.  It's pilled and discussting old, but clean. :-)

It's Dead!!

Anywhooo, as I was standing in front of  Polar Fleece for $3.99 per yard. She said (aloud) GET OVER THAT PONCHO! BUY SOME DAMN FLEECE AND MAKE A NEW ONE - PLEASE! Nothing like friends, huh?! She then proceeded to point to out a nice print as I stood in front of it, not noticing but laughing my ass off! 

OK! She was right so here is my new fall  "running around" coat.

OOP Vogue 8562

I did view B and size 18.  This is a quick and easy pattern.  It's fully lined coat with flannel back satin for a little extra warmth. I added a jacket stay and muslin in the front shoulder area to eliminate stretching over time. I also put a button at the top of the neck instead of a coat snap, which I used as closures on the rest of the jacket.  I made this jacket about two years ago to match a dress and remembered how fast it was so Saturday night I whipped it out and got to wear it today!

Jacket Front

Full Lining

Jacket Back
Here in Chicago "Fall" lasts about a month if we're lucky, so it's actually going to be good weather to wear this coat.  I made a hat and purchased some $1 stretch gloves to match to carry me to the first frost. The whole ensamble cost me $11! (LOL!  I love those cheap gloves!)

It's so soft!!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. Carol, the poncho is so cute. You know I'm in to houndstooth. Tee Hee.


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