Saturday, September 24, 2016

Inspiration For A Wedding

You Don't Believe Fat Meat's Greasy!

That's a saying my grandmother used to say when she would see wrong doing when we were already in trouble - and sometimes suffered the consequence! LOL!! You know that whole "hard head make's a soft tail" thing.  Yea, that thing! Well, I have been floored by this outfit that Anne Hathaway is wearing and I MUST HAVE THIS! But, of course, I can't buy it. So, on with another ambitious project with low-no sewjo! It just happens I guess. I want it for the upcoming early October wedding I'm attending. It's in a warm climate - Fall Sewers! (Tongue out emoji - ROFL!!!)

Jenny Packham 2016 Spring Collection

My birthday outfit took a toll on my sewojo! 4 yards of flimsy and shifty chiffon and bemberg lining. Say, I had two bottles of stiffener and forgot about it? Ouy!

I must wear this at least more time! The struggle is real!

Anywhoooo, I got in my sewing room last Friday and made this little combo to try and revive my sewjo! No GO! Didn't work, but I do really like it! I've been procrastinating all week. Friday is here again and I'm blogging! ROFL!

Vogue 7799 (OOP) w/Infinity Scarf  Ice Pink

Sew, "what does this all mean?" Well, I took my a$$ to the fabric store with that pic in mind armed with my Groupon. The original is made of Floral Cotton Sateen and the blouse is a coordinating Silk Charmeuse. These types of printed fabrics are not reachable to pe-ons like me but I'm sure with much adieu and cash I could get it. (Yea Right! Bwaaaaahaaahaaaa!!!) 

Image result for jenny packham floral suit
I gotta make it do what it do!

To recreate this look I will be using this floral cotton voile fabric.  I found it at Textile Chicago Warehouse. I purchased 8 yards for all three pieces and I got 5 yards of cream bemberg lining. To beef up the fabric I'll underline the jacket and pants with batiste. The shirt will be a classic button down, unlined, and I'm trying to decide if I want a larger collar or not. (I'm Thinking now cause I don't have much time!)  

Not to shabby on the match!

I'll be using these patterns for the jacket and pants. I like the wide legs and I'll make them long to cover my shoes like Anne did. (Me and her go way back you know! LOL!)

View C
Pants w/slant pocket and fly

Anyway in the meantime in between time, I have a dress to make for my mom for that same wedding and then I can can get started. I PLAN on starting this Sunday on my ambitious "there's never enough time fa dis" project. I'll keep errrrrone posted!  Gotta take my time and do it right because I don't want anyone to mistake me for the unmade bed and jump on my back! ROFL! (that would be awful!)  They gotta mention Anne when the see me! I'm tired just thinking about it. Not to mention, I 'm not sure about shoes!?

Talk Soon Carol


  1. I know you'll finish in time. Cant wait to see the end results.

    1. Thanks Janna!! I think it's going to come out really nice! I'm pumping iron to get ready!

  2. Love the inspiration pic and your fabric choice. For shoes, go with a nude color.

    1. Thanks Sheila! I'm hoping this will be the ticket! The colors are very close!

  3. That fabric is gorgeous. Going to be a fabulous outfit.

    1. Thanks Robin! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

  4. Oh I'm super excited for this. Can't wait to see your finished project. Your "unmade bed" comment. OMGosh, I died! Take your time and work it sew sis.

    1. ROFL!!! Thanks Anita! I'm gonna do my best! I must say I'm quite excited about this project!


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