Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rest In Peace Dr. Maya Angelou

Summer 1992

It was at an event that I was invited to attend through my job. I went as a representative of the company.  Anyway, I was looking around for the folks I had attended this event with and I was approached by a tall woman who said to me "You are so lovely." I smiled and said "Thank you! How sweet you are to say that."  I continued to look for my colleagues.  A little later that evening I took a potty break and on my way back to the table where we were seated, this same lady approached me again and said "You are sooo lovely, so pretty."  I said thanks again - thinking (did she forget she met me already?) and I kept it moving.  About 30 minutes later she approached the table in where I was sitting. with Oprah Winfrey, Mrs. Connie Payton and a Rep. from the NAACP) (Yea, I said Oprah and Connie Payton - Ah-Mazing!) anywhooooo.  The lady looked at me again and said "You are so lovely."  I said "Thank you" again (with a confused smile).  The lady was escorted to her table by Ms. Winfrey. When they left I was asked - Do You Know Who That Was?!!!!  I said no. (My ignorance was bliss) They (at the table) all screamed Maya Angelou!  I said Really?! (Faked surprised - I still didn't know who she was.)

That very next day a copy of Essence magazine was in the mail and she was on the cover!  I ran in the house and told my mom "THIS IS THE LADY WHO I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT FROM LAST NIGHT!" My mom said "Oh My God!!!" "What did you have on?!" "What did she say?!"  And then she went on to tell me about her. "You need to sit down and read that whole magazine!" she said.  And like all mom's she asked "Did you embarrass yourself!?" I said no. I thought I played it cool. After that, I saw her on TV, heard her on the radio, more magazine covers - All the time!  What rock was I under?!  That 20 something rock! I almost missed out!

Dr. Maya Angelou was a very Dominant but soft presence and I am proud to say I have read her works and was honored to meet her. (not realizing the magnitude of her message to me) I wish I could go back and say something other than thank you but, I did respond to a wonderful complement and I do have that story to share and carry on.

She was right. I really am lovely!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. What a blessing!!! I never met her, but I remember as a youngster, steeling away and reading "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" It was so provocative at that time and I didn't know if my mom would approve of me reading it! Now the book has become a staple on middle and high school summer reading lists. I'm so glad we have printed and recordings of her treasured works that will bless many for generations to come!!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comment Tee! It was truly a blessing to meet her!


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