Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fall Vogue Patterns R Here!

Patterns. To Buy or Not To Buy, Again?
That is my question.

I was lurking in the blogosphere and noticed that Vogue's Fall Line has hit the web. I always seem to find out late.  But, the local sale has not happened so I'm not going to worry about it.  Frankly, it's been to damn hot to think about "Fall Fashions" and not to mention I don't want to yet.  Here in Chicagoland the winters are not very nice to us so 100 degree weather is OK I guess. (I can always make a swimsuit and sit in cold water!)

Anywhoooooo. . . Since the new patterns are out, I have been trying (Oh TRYING) to go on a pattern diet. I have tons and tons and tons of patterns.  I get like a Stepford Wife when the patterns are on sale.
(Oh, this is nice! Ooo how Lovely! Oh, it's only .99 cents!) So, instead of turning into a hoarder - I'm trying to cut back. Since my last McCall's binge (they have so upped their game) I have decided to just buy what I need, crave, jones don't have.  Meaning - look closely at the line drawing and notice the styling for the current time.  With that said, here are the Vogue's I absolutely have to buy:

VVE 8835 - DKNY 1313, 1322 - VEO 8829 (luv this one).
Although I have several capes - well, this is Donna Karen (and the matching dress - WUT!?).
I own some skirts but this one is good for my body type and the only one I own like this is a short version. the printed dress - I just luuuuuv that! (Swoon!) and I don't need another dress but this one is like (I need intervention.)

Let's face it, these are revised repeats but, the marketing department is da bomb!  Here are some oldies but new lookies that I have had for a long time:

V8833  V8839 V8824
I love the styling on the creme dress.  I've had this pattern for about 8 years and didn't know what to do with it.  Now I do. LOL!  Anywhoo, thanks for listening once again. At least I didn't mention cooking chicken.   
 Have you made any picks? Let me know what you think!
Talk Soon Carol


  1. I really like the Donna Karen cape too but I didn't buy it. However I did get the creme dress pattern. I really liked that one alot!

    1. Can't wait to see how you interpret it! I love the way your dresses scream "My style!"


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