Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 2, 19xx

Hello Everyone!

So my birthday was a week ago Friday (already).   I have been 39 again for a week! Whew! feels GOOD!  Anywhoooooo - I decided to get myself a birthday present.  Did I decided on something sewing? Well, sort of but not exactly. I didn't get the cover stitch machine - I got myself a Kindle! 

A Kindle is an "ebook".  You can download books and read them on this Wi-Fi device.  Since my sewing space is limited, I refuse to continue filling precious pattern/fabric space with books!!  So to increase my sewing library without the "books" I invested in this lil gadget.

I have downloaded two sewing books so far one which I have read quite a bit of. I must admit I am having some issues. I can't seem to stay awake when I'm reading!!  

The Kindle is not hypnotizing or anything. It doesn't glooooow or move it simply looks like a black and white print  - book.  I'm sure I'm just tired. (LOL!)  Actually, I know that's what it is!  Which brings me to my conclusion - This is a good investment for those of you who love to or need to read but don't have the space for all of those books!  Stay AWAKE!

Oh! My other birthday presents were some wonderful shoes, a gold evening purse, two big gaudy rings, $60 in fabrics, three patterns and a partridge in a pair tree happy birthday to me!!

These live in my closet now!

Talk Soon Carol

I still owe my son a backpack!

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