Friday, August 23, 2013

The Woman Cave!!

Hello Everyone,

I just want to let you in on my sewing space. I've posted a few pics before but never really talked about it. I'm adding it to The Sewing Loft website! Just like me on the last day and almost the final hour. (Geees)

Here is a sneak peak of my home inside of home! The Woman Cave! I love it in here! In my 12 x 10 space I can create, watch TV, smell fabric, blog and come out with the bestest outfits and fun things JUST FOR ME! (And others every now and then depending on the honor system.)  Anywhooooo. . . here it is - It's very personal. One thing I may add is an invisible electric shock fence at the door to keep all the undesirables (those who just don't get it) out!  My babies are a Janome 2160 DC, Singer Professional 5 and my Juki.  My retired machines are my Singer Featherweight and my Bernina Record Electric 830 (Wonderful Machines! No touchie touchie!)

My All Night Therapy Lounge - Drugs Included!!
DIY Table, Pattern Cabinet and Rollie

Room view and my babies!

My table in action and my Stash!
Juki and my Peggy board
My cutting table is from IKEA. It's two LACK Coffee tables! I  made it myself.  All the other furniture is from IKEA as well. I did a huge (sewing) project for their Illinois Flagship store back in 2006. My display was up for about 8 months!  It was quite an honor. My Rollie Pollie Ollie holds serger threads and all kinds of fun needful things as does my Peggy board.  The file cabinets are filled with patterns and more stuff. And then my "stash"! Nothing like shopping in the comfort of your own home. I'm trying to stay on my fabric diet and use my stash but I must admit that "Chevron thang" broke me!

It's Orange Chevron!
Hope you enjoy my pics as much as I enjoyed your visit!

Talk Soon Carol

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