Thursday, July 25, 2013

UFO Challenge Update!!

On To The Next One!

OK, it is now July 24th and I still have little less than a week to finish the challenge of UFO's. (It don't look good.)

Well, I have been sewing but just not what I set out to sew. Actually, I was in the process of finishing that "yellow" thing mentioned in my last post when my wonderful son approached me and said: "Mommy, can you make me some harem pants?"

My son is 13 and FINALLY coming into his own style.  I love that he is fashion concious. He really likes Jayden Smith's style - which is the inspiration

He's a cute kid!
My son is an artist so, the creative thing is a good look for him. I'm slowly seeing my baby disappear!!!  He still wants an occasional hug, kiss or cuddle but they are few and far between now. (I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about this because sometimes I really don't like the new him!) Anywhoooo - We spent the weekend at our Family Reunion (mom's family) in Ohio. We visited the Cedar Point Amusement Park
(Roller Coaster Haven). I thought the park would be perfect for him to wear the harem pants so, I made them. I got a chance to shop for fabric too.  tee hee hee.

Here is my review: Burda 7306

These pants are rated 3 and I did view B. I didn't think they were hard to make just a little time consuming.  I would guess the godet's are what would bring the skill level up. We did three fittings and no muslin.  I did, however, modify the pants.  I went with a fly zipper instead of button fly, a ribbed waistband with elastic and drawstring instead of a regular waistband and I added elastic around the ankles. He insisted on an animal print so, I found a nice leopard print shirting from Joann. It's a poly/cotton mix and pretty thick so it worked well for this project. KC is normally a 36 in RTW. I cut the 40 so we would have room in the legs and the waist since I was adding elastic in the band. It also helped exaggerate the baggy crotch. When I finished them he was ecstatic! I got two hugs, three kisses and lots of smiles! Aw shucks! - He's still my best customer!

Click for larger Pic of the fabric, front, back and side pocket's
He wore them to the park and OH! what a special day! KC's very first ride ever on a Roller Coaster!!!! After 7 more coaster rides that day - park history was made! And we got 5 complements from passing little gurls.

KC and My Nephew Nathan on the Gate Keeper!!
That's my boi!!!!!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. Very nice. And don't worry, boys never really leave their mommies

    1. I see the signs that you are right! :-) He's still my baby!


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