Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MimiG Style Conference!

The Conference was Aaaah-Mazing!!

I just arrived home from a fun filled California weekend! Mimi G. and her team got together and gave us our $$$$$money's$$$$$ worth. Thank you sooooo much!!
(It's not often I thank anyone for having me spend my money.)

The weekend was filled with a wonderful fashion show! (Which was shown live on Periscope!) Lot's of women participated. The rules were; the outfit had to be a MimiG Simplicity pattern or one of her tutorials.  The ladies were also allowed to add their own "spin" to the garment if they wanted.  I got to sit in the front row!  I actually was on time (a first) so I got to get a prime seat!  I sat with Anita and Karlyn two ladies whom I met and bonded with last year. 

It was awesome to see them again and fun because we kept in touch throughout the year. I really enjoyed these ladies! Excitement was all over the place  an errrrrrwurrrr!!!!.  I was in heaven! I was with a bunch of "sew sistaz" and all we did was talk SEWING!!!

Fun Ladies!!

(Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore!)

During the conference we not only had the fashion show but we took a Basic Pencil Skirt Block Class, had a seminar on garment finishing and fit strategies. All was fun and informative. We went to lunch and fabric shopping and we talked and got to know one another.  I got soooo many hugs from women I never met! With all the crazy going on in the world right about now that sure was refreshing!!! 
Fashion Show
The sewing sisterhood is no joke! I think we have taken it to the next level!
The last conference day was filled with more valuable information about business, budget, branding, financing, handling your legal business then we shopped some more!

I found two beautiful combo fabrics that got my mind off 
the blue stuff (those are not my hands!)

This is the most beautiful stuff EVER! Ain't no moe!
Now I am able to move on! Let me  just leave you with this Periclip on thoughts of my last conference day!

In the meantime in between time - I'm gonna save for next years conference and have my foot at the starting line cause it's gonna be a bitch trying to beat the sistaz to the first come first serve! LOL!!!
I think it's getting bigger and bigger!!

Talk Soon Carol