Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Jumpsuit Story!

What a weekend!!

I was really inspired to make jumpsuits this summer when I saw a few of my fellow seamstresses on the Pattern Review website making them left and right.  Well, I jumped on the band wagon and made a few myself in various styles. This one I want to share.  I made this jumpsuit to attend a surprise birthday party all the way in Tampa Florida this past weekend!  The party was great and I was having a good hair, outfit and jewelry day! 

I happened to have picked up my fabric (Ponte Knit) at the end of the season sale at JoAnn last spring.  Originally this fabric was priced at $15 per yard but I managed to get it on clearance with an additional 50% off for only $3.50 a yard!!!!!

My Inspiration came from Salvatore Farragamo's fall collection.

This outfit was very easy to make. I didn't use any instructions because I didn't need them.  I did however make some major pattern adjustments.  I took the pant legs in 1.5" on the front and back below the knee, shortened the crotch by 1", shortened the legs 3", a 1" FBA and a low bust adjustment of 2" and eliminated the ruffle.  My reference for the FBA and LBA is in this book. Luv it!

The pattern called for full lining.  I underlined the bodice with stretch mesh but opted out on the pants because my fabric was so thick.  Instead I added a heavy foundation in the bodice so I wouldn't have to wear a bra.  My foundation is made from crinoline and crepe and I added a waist stay.  I also used metal boning which added great support.  To add a pop (as if I needed more) I added an exposed zipper in red!

The Foundation and waist stay

Red Zipper

The Shoes

I love my outfit and had a great time! Hope we get to go somewhere again soon!

Talk Soon Carol

Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick Fix!


Went out Saturday night with my sister in law and had a great time! Earlier that day I was pondering what to wear, as usual, so I decided to finish a dress (quickly) that I originally made for mother's day.  Anywooo, it's chilly here at night now so I needed a jacket.  I think it may have been 60ish degrees.

I figured I'd make a little fleece jacket with a ruffle detail but while in Joann Fabrics I walked by some furry stuff they called "Grizzly".  I had to have it!

 SIDE NOTE:  Since working with faux fur is very very messy I decided that this project needed to be super simple and fast. (I came to this conclusion when I took it to the cutting counter.)  Upon arriving home I forgot my husband (the gadget buyer) had recently purchased a mini shop vac!!!  The clean up was 10 minutes. I even got the fur off of me!  If you like to sew faux fur go and get this thing!  I love it!
Genius Invention!

Now for the Bolero review:

This jacket from cut to finish took 1.5 hours.  (Not including clean up.) It is very fast and easy to sew.  I like this particular jacket because it has a center back seam. I used the center back seam on the lining only. For the jacket I eliminated the seam allowance and cut the back piece on the fold.  Also, it has instructions to finish sleeves at the wrist. All inside seams are finished as well and the closure is at the bottom back. I included pictures of the fabric, the jacket turned lining side out and front/back views so you could see all the details.  Great for all levels of sewing and a great project for that needed "quick fix!"


This is a pattern I use a lot for myself and clients too.  I recently got it out as I made this for a customer about a two months ago and hers was so nice I kept this pattern as a "mental note" in my head. LOL! I love it it was perfect!


I love the lining from Vogue Fabrics

Grizzly is like the Bear!!!

My dress I had on is pictured below but I made it so long ago I don't remember any struggles.  I did put a chiffon overlay on the bodice and I remember that being time consuming but no issues with this dress.  It is now out of print but still available for purchase on Butterick's website.
Butterick 5024

That's it!
 Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon Carol

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Thinking Royal Blue Wool Coat!

DANG!  It's COLD tonight!!!

Talk Soon Carol

This Outfit Was A Killer!

Hello Everyone! 
OK!  You wonna here it? Here it go. . .

I was at Vogue Fabrics last week (the outlet store in Lansing, IL).  I had a little money to spend and some time to kill so I went in for my weekly visit to see if anything (meaning fabric rolls) would call my name. I heard four fabrics chanting Carol Carol Carol.  One fabric was all black, 2-way stretch with sort of a waffle weave, the other is charcoal grey cotton knit with a 1/8" thick rib.

The other two got picked for this project and here they are:

Pretty fabric from Hell!

Very pretty pink and the detail is shiny!

I ended up making three garments - A shirt, skirt and Bolero jacket.  My hubby and I will be taking a trip and I need some clothes.  (What woman doesn't.)  I'm not sure where this outfit idea came from but it's here now and there is no turning back.  So here I go with the reviews!

This fabric cut nicely. It was a bit cumbersome to fold and get the patterns matched but it worked out in the end.  It had sooooo many tiny holes and was loosely woven. (one big hole was put there on purpose!)  I could just scream!  When I was picking it out, I was in a full blown "Fabric Tranz" and there was nobody there to snap me out of it!  I'm soooo glad I only purchased 1.25 yards so when this shirt was done I tossed the rest. If I ever. . .

No alterations made to the original pattern but I wish I had moved up the center hole.  SIKE!!!
 The Shirt - McCalls 6326 



 I luv it! It's so SEXY!  This shirt would normally take me about an hour and some change to finish but did I mention I pulled an all nighter casue the fabric gave me the flux!!! (I'm being nice!)
This is view C and  I cut the 18.  This shirt fits like a glove and I guess maybe later I'll post a pic of me wearing it by the beach or in the sun but for now you get the dummy lady.

This pattern was very easy. The instructions were good and it's a great result!  Pay attention to the "twist" in the instructions.  If you miss this you won't be able to put  the top on .  It's great for a beginner but make sure you pick a "simple" knit.  Knits can be tricky when they have a texture. Because of my "large girls" I added 1/4" elastic/casing to the upper back and I used a knit tape in the seams to stop stretching and rippling. The bottom edge is unfinished.

fusi knit tape serged in the seams.

The Skirt - Butterick 5466
I wanted a easy pencil skirt that POPed! I picked this pink and it's very nice!  Matte jersey with a shiny print detail. I "exposed" the zipper too. This pattern is very easy great for all levels. Comes in 5 styles.



The Bolero
Since it's getting a little cool here in the Chi. and I had extra fabric, I made this Bolero Jacket. It's one of my favorite patterns and is available online.  It is currently discontinued so google it.  I've made all the styles several times.  This is my first time posting about it. I guess there is a first time for everything. Below is view C without the tie.

Look! No BLING added! I like BLING.

Here is the final look and (of course) Shoes!

 This was a long post! Whew!  Thanks for reading!

Talk Soon Carol

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 2, 19xx

Hello Everyone!

So my birthday was a week ago Friday (already).   I have been 39 again for a week! Whew! feels GOOD!  Anywhoooooo - I decided to get myself a birthday present.  Did I decided on something sewing? Well, sort of but not exactly. I didn't get the cover stitch machine - I got myself a Kindle! 

A Kindle is an "ebook".  You can download books and read them on this Wi-Fi device.  Since my sewing space is limited, I refuse to continue filling precious pattern/fabric space with books!!  So to increase my sewing library without the "books" I invested in this lil gadget.

I have downloaded two sewing books so far one which I have read quite a bit of. I must admit I am having some issues. I can't seem to stay awake when I'm reading!!  

The Kindle is not hypnotizing or anything. It doesn't glooooow or move it simply looks like a black and white print  - book.  I'm sure I'm just tired. (LOL!)  Actually, I know that's what it is!  Which brings me to my conclusion - This is a good investment for those of you who love to or need to read but don't have the space for all of those books!  Stay AWAKE!

Oh! My other birthday presents were some wonderful shoes, a gold evening purse, two big gaudy rings, $60 in fabrics, three patterns and a partridge in a pair tree happy birthday to me!!

These live in my closet now!

Talk Soon Carol

I still owe my son a backpack!