Sunday, June 7, 2020

Black Makers Matter

Hello All Everyone - Announcement Time!

Great News!

I have joined a coalition called Black Makers Matter. We are a group of  Black Sewist and Crafters that know it is imperative for our voices to be heard in the sewing/crafting industry. The group is very talented and passionate about our cause. We would love for you to join us in our movement at Instagram! Follow us at @blkmakersmatter meet us and learn more!

I'll still be posting my makes etc. but, I'll be sure to update you with our progress as we move forward to incite change. Be safe out there, take a deep breath and feel free to leave comments suggestions here or leave them our Instagram page!

Thanks so much!!
Talk Soon Carol

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Mask Making

Wow, this is a crazy time we are currently living in. 

With this worldwide pandemic, I had put the breaks on my sewing clothes because my insides told  me otherwise.  I have been making face masks for my family to help keep them safe.

I have posted tips, other websites and their tips and even a filter company to aid the sewing community in this war we are facing and mask making.

Anywoooo, during this journey, I used my husband as my "Mask Muse" and tweaked and tweaked and even tweaked some more today to make him a comfortable face mask.  The hubby is a big guy so it took few tries.  I am glad to say I finally got it! I am offering you a change to have this pattern.

You will gain access to my XXXL pattern for your "big/tall boy", and a children's pattern which I have also customized as well.  Lastly, you get step by step instructions/pictures on how I make my masks. All of this for is free but feel free to donate if you'd like.

If you are not a member of my Facebook Group and you belong to the sewing and crafting community join me and a host of talented men and women! Also check out my YouTube channel. Both are "Carol's Sewing Corner!" I'd love to have you join! Remember to breathe, be thankful if you are healthy and your loved ones are doing well and also remember to take care of yourself first and foremost!

Wash your hands and You and your family be safe!

Talk Soon

I haven't blogged since 2018! 😆 Does this mean I back? I dunno! Thanks for stopping by!!