Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting Rid of Some UFO's!!!

I'm About Getting It Done! Sometimes.

I'm posting to mention two things.  First - The Trevon Martin case. I was quite overwhelmed with the verdict. Not guilty, but yet and still a woman's child is gone. The man who pulled the trigger goes free. My head is not so settled on this. Feel free to leave a comment, your opinion on this tragedy. My heart goes out to his mother, father and brother.

Now back to sewing - There is a contest on for UFO's.  Unfinished Objects! As you can see I have my fair share of them and here they hang.  A constant reminder of what a procrastinator I can be or how the love of fabric is lost the minute I get distracted. (Just to name a few)

Pile/Mess 1

Excuse the mess!
This is what's behind Door #1

I must admit, to keep myself from sounding so wishy washy, that some of the outfits behind the door were for events and I just didn't have the time to start/finish them. (I guess becasue of procrastinating. sigh)

Anywooooo - I joined the contest. I will TRY and finish two garments.  Not such a hefty or unrealistic goal. An added bonus is they are summer garments, so I can wear them when I'm done.  The first dress is this yellow thing.

I started it two years ago when the Miami Heat won their first championship.  I remember because I sat down and put the beads on the neckline. This was the wonderful element that put this dress on the back of the door.  I don't really like it.
After I put it in the hell freezes over pile, I saw the dress finished on another blog. I was determined to keep it and not judge the dress until it is completely finished. I'll tell you, if it weren't for the Inspiration dress, this would have been in the TRASH!.  Let's see how things unfold. I'm willing to finish the job and add it to the contest. . .

 Here is the pattern  Simplicity 2025.

Then there is this dress View B, and fabric.
I love the fabric and it's linen but every time I wrap my head around finishing it or starting it a HUGE WRENCH sails by hits me in the head and once again, I get distracted and the next thing I know it's Winter again. LOL! (I'm not ready for that yet!)

So, there they are! I'm starting right after I'm done blogging or maybe I'll go to bed.  I will certainly post the finished projects for you to see and I'm hoping for the outcome I get with all my UFO's.  I usually love them and wonder what the hell took me so long to get them done!

Talk Soon Carol