Monday, May 2, 2022

The Last Minute

A Garment Story

As garment sewist it seems like a thing we do. We plan but make our outfits the night before we need them. Garments for others, well that's different! lol!  We prep for months or weeks before - what pattern will I choose, will I draft a pattern, what fabric is in my stash, should I buy fabric etc.? Then life sets in and before you know it, it's time to go.

So, here is my story... 

I purchased my fabric from FabricMart Fabrics in PA (went to visit last August) It's a soft rayon challis border print with a sheen! It was love at first sight! I had in mind to make Vogue 1851, but didn’t have enough fabric. My sew friend Carolyn decided to send me the fabric she purchased. (isn't she sweet). I received the fabric and started the garment out of sheer love for the fabric. The fabric was very fussy and required french seams. Since the fabric was so delicate, I used Mano (my Memory Craft 15,000 - this machine can do no wrong). I also used my Airthread 2000D to serged the bodice. It was after that I realized this fabric required extra care and french seams going forward. I was moving along with the garment and it seemed Mano's bobbin wasn't quite feeling well so, I had him serviced (He's home and fine now!) and continued on with Durt McGurt (She is the sauce!) my Janome S7. She was glad to finish the job and make things easy on me. I used my skill, fabric intuition and a regular pressor foot. (I'm a Janome Girl and I have 4 Janome Buddies! LOL!) 

My Janome Buddies!

Fast forward two weeks - I finished the outfit. Here are pics of the construction process and the finished garment.  I call her "The Carolyn" because Carolyn sent me the fabrics to complete this master piece.  I had to make quite a few alterations in addition to the french seams to finish her.

Boarder Print-Pants
Front View
Back View

French Seamed Slit Pocket
Sleeve View

French Seamed Pants
French Seam Close-up

Then came an invite to the event. Yes, Carolyn was finally finished, but I had no intention on wearing it. (Don't ask me why!)  I pondered, procrastinated, pulled out tons of patterns, purchased pattens, made another dress, made a top and messed up my sewing room until the night before the event - I finally decided to wear "The Carolyn".  Why did I put myself through weeks of all that stuff when I spent so much time on this outfit? I must KILL that last minute sew something itch It's AWFUL!

Anyhooooo - We had a great time and got plenty complements!!!

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