Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Armed Bandit All Color Blocked Up!


McCall's 6240

I first made this dress last year for my sister's Fab. 50 Birthday party and Fab-u-loso she looked! 

Isn't she Divalicious-Gorg!!
This pattern sat in my stash for about a year and I whipped it out weekend before last.   My husband and I went out last Saturday night.  This is was an option to do Super Sexy!  Since I'm married I save sexy for him. LOL!!! Anywhoooooo. . . (LOL!) This dress took about an hour to make (my sister's took much longer).  It's made from scraps! It was completely serged except for the neckline.  I did view C with a long sleeve and added a band to the sleeve so that totally eliminated hemming.  The front and back are bias cut and the pattern calls for knit but I think a soft woven fabric would work well too.  Since I have a large bust (shut up!) I added a casing and 1/4" elastic at the neckline.  The instructions say fold down and do a narrow hem. (No can do - no workie workie). I also shortened the torso by 2". The length was perfect!

Casing @ underarm
 This dress was a winner!!  Lot's of complements Saturday night oh, and from my husband too! (Lol!)

Fuzy cell phone pic.

He always looks sleepy! LOL!!
 And don't forget the SHOOZE!!!! All the way form Pittsburgh, PA! Fashion in Pittsburgh?
Uh Yea! I found some!

This dress was great for some cool jewelry!  Thanks again to Mimi G. I have overdosed on Forever 21 and Charlotte Rousse buying Bracelets and gaudy rings!!  (My fingers and wrists are Forever grateful!)

Super Sexy and Super Simple!!  A Wonderful Combo!  This  is my new summer TNT pattern.  I will make it again as a maxi and whip up the asymmetrical style and ina solid and with a short sleeve and ina animal print and ina plane and ona train , witha goat ona boat. . .(take a breath!)

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mimi G. is the Bomb Digity!

D.I.Y. Pencil Skirt - Shout Out!

One of the phatest blogs I follow is by a young lady in CA. named Mimi Goodwin.  Her blog is called Mimi G. Style.  She is an absolute cutie patudie with a Chi-Town Swagga (Ya Heeeard!) LOL!!
Anywoooooo, she made the cutest knit skirt a few weeks ago and put up a do it yourself (D.I.Y.) tutorial for everyone to enjoy.  She gets right down to it! Well, I was one of those folks and here is my version:

Skirt Front

I made it this morning and it took about 20 minutes!  Super simple and super comfy! I luv it! I gotta have at least two more so, off to the store for more knit! !  The only thing I did different was added a band at the bottom so I wouldn't  have to sew a hem.

Skirt Back

Thanks Mimi G.urrl! Your tutorial is the Bomb Digity!

Cheese'n wit my new skirt on!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My McCall's/Simplicity Summer Picks

I Think Someone is Listening?!

It seems to me usually, when the "Big 4" pattern companies put out their new lines for the season - they are reworked, rearranged and restyled (with ugly fabrics). Has someone heard the cry of the home sewer? STOP IT!!

I've noticed that when the new lines hit for the seasons there are usually pages and pages of the same ole thing and some newer things. They are, however, scaling down a bit on the number of things they put out.  McCall's summer line is out and I like a few things.  Simplicity's is also and I think I like one thing. (LOL!)  Waiting to see what Vogue and Burda have to offer. Anyway here are my pics for Summer from these Big 2:

Skirts= M6567 -  Dresses/Tops=M6558

Left Tops=M6565 - Right Tops=M6562
I like that these pieces are to be done in woven fabrics. I have the "knit" versions already! (LOL!) Frankly, I'm running out of knit fabric and my serger is almost dead! I have tons of woven fabric feeling neglected. LOL!

Wardrobe= S1808 - Dresses=S1802 (C. Rowley)
I'm in love with the short set. E,D.  These types of garments look great on my body type.  Can't wait to rock this in seersucker (I got it two springs ago-finally a garment Worthy!!)  The dresses are Cynthia Rowley and I like the sleeveless version.

Well there you have it!  Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Wicked Evolution

I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Jada Pinkett-Smith!  I love her personal style.  She's sort of a Ghetto Sophisticate super bad Fabulous and stuff!. LOL!  Anywooooo. . .  She has a band.  Yes, she does and I've heard some of the songs and they are waaaaay out there. Kind of rock and noise-a little hard for my liking but, today I found this. . .

Nice job!! What did you think?

Did you see those shoooze!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Really!? Really!?

They hired 10 Seamstresses! Why wasn't I contacted?
I wonder how much they were paid?! LOL!!

Sewing Jones?!  I think not.

Would you have participated if asked?

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What's your favorite pattern!!! (Pic Heavy!)

I Love Simplicity Skirt 4672 and Simplicity Skirt/Pants 4237!!!

I can't begin to tell how much I love these patterns.  Unfortunately they are out of print and have been for some time but my links will take you to an eBay seller who has them.  They are super quick and work great with the Lycra knit, ITY, slinky, matte jersey and cotton jerseys! I even have one with an interlock waistband and woven fabric bottom (hot for the summer) They are easy to alter and look great on all size folks. Even short ones like me! LOL!  My friend uses them for belly dancing patterns as well.  These are "pinch patterns" when I don't have lots of time but I want a winning piece.  Well folks, here they are in several fabrics and styles as well as a top and I'm still not finished! I'm making more pants for this summer!
Lycra knit
skirt back

modified front w/bolero

as a top (side view)

top front view
Firey Red!


6 yr old slinky - soon to be put to death!

Me in D.C. feeling free you see. (LOL!) The date on this pic is so wrong! Taken 3/15/12

4237 Gaucho modified to pants

 3" added to length and 2" added to side seams

4237 gaucho and top
What more can I say! The proof is in the pictures!
I hope you can get one of these. Simplicity should bring them back!

No you can't have mine!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Grape Kool-Aid!

This jacket is a result of the color block frenzy that I'm currently on. But - as I do - this jacket was cut out last fall.  (A year ago last fall) If you look at the Zebra post - you can see the pieces hanging in the background. (smile).  Well, I got sick of picking them up off of the floor and said  - "I need to finish the purple jacket!" So I did. But, it sat on the dress dummy even longer because I didn't like the buttons I purchased and just didn't know what I wanted.  My friend Grace said "Use the purple fabric and cover a button." DUH!!  Sometimes you just need someone else to enlighten you. So, I did and I really like it.  The plaid trim is a result of (shhh) a deco machine stitch gone wrong that I just didn't want to pick it out! Came out nice!

Have I worn it? No, it still needs a buttonhole. LOL!!!! (and a skirt and top)

Vogue 8627
This jacket was straight forward on instructions. This is a pattern for the intermediate+ sewer.  There are lots of pieces and the jacket is fully lined.  The back of the jacket is asymmetrical which is quite a nice style element. I mixed fabrics on this jacket.  I used Purple Faux Suede on the facings and bottom back and Cotton Sateen for the rest of the jacket. The lining was purchased on a trip to New York City about 8 years ago. (whew!)  I added a muslin jacket stay to the back, jacket interfaced the the front and facings. The color is all that! I want to make some lime green cigarette pants to wear with it. (Owwww!).
Faux Suede Lapels
Ribbon Detail (Look no button hole!)

Asym. Back w/Faux Suede
Inside out. Lining from NYC. Very Slippery!
I do recommend this pattern for it's sleek unique look but, I won't be making another. Maybe I'll go sew the buttonhole!

(Update - July 27. Still not button. I'll just wait for the fall Season!  Never made those lime green pants either.)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FABRIC DEALZ!!! - Update!!

G-Street Fabrics in D.C. WOWZA!!

Hi There Everyone,

The Living Social Deal I talked about on this post has expired!  Yes, you missed out!  I almost missed out but didn't (thanks to my wonderful husband)!  We dashed over there at the last minute (following mapquest) and we found it!! I managed to purchase two fabrics with my coupon. One for myself and the other hunk for my friend - Grace. 

The store was very nice and the fabrics pretty and a little pricey but hey, you lookie-you findey. It was fun as fabric shopping always is. I love visiting fabric stores in other states. Its nice to be able to compare and see new stuff!!  
Gorgeous hunk of 3 yds. Blk/whte soft lycra knit!  Can you say jumpsuit? Ooo Weee!

Joseph Cubas stretch-crepe jumpsuit

Talk Soon Carol

(Older Post)

I love fabric.  Let's face it - I always say I won't buy more and I have tons and tons of it. Anywhooooo, it seams I can't turn my head from a great deal.  I read lots of blogs and love the things that others sew and wonder  - - (in my green, stary eyed voice) where did she find that fabric?! 

Well, Well, some of  the bloggers I read shop at G-Street Fabrics and they also advertise on  I happen to be visiting the area and found this deal on Living  For those of you who don't know, it's like Groupon. I'm addicted to both sites and have found wonderful fabric bargins on both.  I'm sharing one with you!!  A coupon for Living Social.  I can't wait to visit this store!!!!

I feel if I share this with you - I won't buy up all of the fabric. (Save some for the fish!)  Enjoy!!!  Get off the fabric diet for a few and join me in a falling off the wagon adventure! Oh, they have an online store!

Don't worry about me - I'll make room!!!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rambling on!

Ramblings. . .

  1. My 1 year blogaversary was last month - can't quite remember the day when I started. (Hmmmm.)
  2. I was laid off of my seamstress job.  Good thing I don't have to stop being a seamstress.
  3. I love sewing all night and watching Jerry Springer @ 4AM
  4. My husband is a hardworking guy who takes great care of us. He's addicted to eBay. Another package just arrived.
  5. I revamped my sewing space to take on more business at home (again? I never stopped.)
  6. I just cleaned the house and cooked dinner (before noon!)
  7. I went fabric shopping with my best friend of 37 years this weekend! She has already finished projects. I just washed my fabric today.
  8. I haven't blogged in over a month but I've been reading everyone Else's! To my reader's (I'm sorry!)
  9. I'm afraid of Pinterest - I have an addictive personality and no more time!
  10. I like but my "last" job certainly was NOT a "What I'm wearing" type of thang!
  11. I just made the coolest dress. It's hanging on the door waiting for it's blog turn.
  12. I have two pair's of slacks - cut and ready to sew. They have been there for almost two years now.
  13. My husband wants me to stay home. (how long will that last?) I better not get to comfy and hurry up and sew that suit! (LOL!)
  14. I've been asked to give dance lessons. Not once did they mention money. (WTF! LOL!)
  15. My stylist wants to color my hair. I'm chicken. (bak, bak, bucaaaaaah!!)
  16. The Mission Maxi is in the mail!
  17. I made panties for myself. Bra's next!! (next what. . .)
  18. I just found a hook for my gravity feed iron. I don't want to put it up. (snarl)
  19. My camera has it's own personality.
I'M SEWING ALL EVENING!!!!!!!!!! (maybe I'll get those pants done.)

My Dinner for tonight! I'm hungry!
Here's my 8'x10' improved workspace in video!  Tell me wutcha think?

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