Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's your favorite pattern!!! (Pic Heavy!)

I Love Simplicity Skirt 4672 and Simplicity Skirt/Pants 4237!!!

I can't begin to tell how much I love these patterns.  Unfortunately they are out of print and have been for some time but my links will take you to an eBay seller who has them.  They are super quick and work great with the Lycra knit, ITY, slinky, matte jersey and cotton jerseys! I even have one with an interlock waistband and woven fabric bottom (hot for the summer) They are easy to alter and look great on all size folks. Even short ones like me! LOL!  My friend uses them for belly dancing patterns as well.  These are "pinch patterns" when I don't have lots of time but I want a winning piece.  Well folks, here they are in several fabrics and styles as well as a top and I'm still not finished! I'm making more pants for this summer!
Lycra knit
skirt back

modified front w/bolero

as a top (side view)

top front view
Firey Red!


6 yr old slinky - soon to be put to death!

Me in D.C. feeling free you see. (LOL!) The date on this pic is so wrong! Taken 3/15/12

4237 Gaucho modified to pants

 3" added to length and 2" added to side seams

4237 gaucho and top
What more can I say! The proof is in the pictures!
I hope you can get one of these. Simplicity should bring them back!

No you can't have mine!

Talk Soon Carol

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