Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mimi G. is the Bomb Digity!

D.I.Y. Pencil Skirt - Shout Out!

One of the phatest blogs I follow is by a young lady in CA. named Mimi Goodwin.  Her blog is called Mimi G. Style.  She is an absolute cutie patudie with a Chi-Town Swagga (Ya Heeeard!) LOL!!
Anywoooooo, she made the cutest knit skirt a few weeks ago and put up a do it yourself (D.I.Y.) tutorial for everyone to enjoy.  She gets right down to it! Well, I was one of those folks and here is my version:

Skirt Front

I made it this morning and it took about 20 minutes!  Super simple and super comfy! I luv it! I gotta have at least two more so, off to the store for more knit! !  The only thing I did different was added a band at the bottom so I wouldn't  have to sew a hem.

Skirt Back

Thanks Mimi G.urrl! Your tutorial is the Bomb Digity!

Cheese'n wit my new skirt on!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. AWW Thank you so much and I LOVE THE SKIRT!!! I like the band idea, THANK YOU!!

    mimi g.

  2. This is really very cute and quite comfy looking. Nice work!

  3. What a great looking skirt. Very creative with the band!

  4. Love your skirt,especially that touch at the hem!


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