Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vogue "New" Pattern release

Vogue has released it's new Late Fall collection of patterns.  I say "Late Fall" because I'm still in denial that cold weather will be here to stay in Chicago by Halloween. (Gurrrrrr!) 
I like to check other blogs and see what the other sewists have to say about the patterns and what they will be making. Well here are the winners that will be making their way into my crazed collection of patterns:
1269 Chado Ralph Rucci - This is my favorite! Can't wait to make this!
This will be a flattering look because I'm short. Peplum ruffles work for me!

1273 Badgley Mischka - This will be a great two color dress! Black/White or Orange/Fuchsia!
 Maybe New Year's Eve?!

1275 Sandra Betzina - I need a cute knit top for all that knit fabric I have. 
This one will be made twice.  I'll have one of each!

8780 Very Easy Vogue - Oh! Oh! Oh! That's all I can say. 
I have some Houndstooth wool that has been waiting for this jacket!
OK, I'm gettin geeked about the cold weather! (LOL!)
8771 Very Easy Vogue - Another nice knit top.
I like the two tone option and the sleeve as well.

Aside from all the other projects I have on the horizon, these will trump some of them.  Can't wait for the pattern sale at JoAnn. I'll be front and center with my $20 on hand!   

Talk Soon Carol

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