Wednesday, April 19, 2017

After 17 Years!

The Hubby!

My Husband, my DDH, my life partner, my keep it real, my rock, my pain, my frustration, my everything!

Hey Y'all - Long time since my last post! Well anyway, Hubby has sparked a blog post. (I think he is sleeping and I hope it stays that way until I get done!) After I post, there's nothing he can do! (chuckle)  Anywhooooo, you think you know your spouse until you let them have the floor. 

I have been sewing non-stop for the last 16 years.  I have sewn for profit, proms, magazines, retail stores and professionally for businesses. (although I don't profit sew anymore) I pull all-nighter's, plan outfits for EVERY occasion, mentor newbies on social media, I'm a sew sista, I swim/live and LOVE fabric, I love to see my fellow sewistas from all over the world post what they are sewing, knitting, crocheting. The online fabric community gives me chills and when I have that urge, some enabler posts sales and I run to the store and buy patterns to ease the savage beast. (My pattern stash is ridiculous!) I CREATE!

Why does he think I am the only one with this problem passion?  Well watch as you see my husband be faced with an ugly truth.  HE WAS WRONG ABOUT ME! I am not the only one!

I love my sew sista's and the sewing community off and online! What a great bunch of women you are to share my passions! Feel free to share with your significant other! If you can get him to sit down long enough to entertain my Pink Web Page! ROFLMAO!

Uh Oh! He's Woke!
Back to sewing!

Talk Soon Carol


  1. This was awesome!! Your husband is just as hilarious as you! Boy did he get an eye opener about this whole sewing "thing", LOL!!!

  2. Loved the scope and he was a very brave man to come on
    like he did :) lots of fun. So Nice to see he fully supports your passion! My husband is wonderful like that too.I couldn't imagine having a husband that didn't :0

    1. He knows how to stay out of the way! LOL!! That's important!

  3. Great post and video Carol! I used to sew through the night routinely! Unfortunately, age has made me succumb to hopping in bed alongside my husband at the same time (mainly for the warm cuddles before he goes to sleep and start snoring!). However ladies (and gents), don't get it twisted, you'll still hear the slight buzz of the sewing machine emitting from the sewing room at 3 AM if the need arises! LOL! I still have the Sewing heart of a Lion!

  4. Replies
    1. Ms. Faye, He keeps asking abut Periscope so you guys may meet him again sooner than you think! LOL!!


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