Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update Finally!! Feel's Good!

OK, So I haven't been blogging!  Really?!!

Start over! 

Hello everyone. I haven't been blogging.  But - I have been sewing!  Follow me on Instagram!!!  I love it!  It's a quick and lazy easy way for me to share my sewing projects with you.  LOL!!!  I promise I will be posting a review soon.  My son is about to graduate 8th grade so I'm getting ready for that (and school ending).  Lot's of family stuff happening in July so my sewing mahcine is hot and will continue to run!

S-U-M-M-E-R  S-E-W-I-N-G !!!!!

I am still participating in the RTW Challenge and I must say - I got weak a 3 times!  (Those damn Wal-Mart White Stag T-shirts!!) I can't help myself.

They are a great quality, come in a qazillion colors and are great for work! (Especailly since I get dirty sometimes.)  Well, it's just not cost affective for me to make lots of T-shirts! However, I do go out A LOT so, I need to save my sewing talents for those special occasions. (N'ya, uh- uhh!! - in my 3Stooges voice)

My next blog post will be of Simplicity 1665 (View A,D).  I'll be wearing this to the graduation next week. I'll look like a Mom. LOL!!! My camera is working (Woot Woot!) so I'll have pictures and errrrrr thang!!!

I'll also review Simplicity 1355 (I want to make two 3 of these) A Jumpsuit a Maxi and Romper.(Mojo Mojo)

Lot's of folks have reported it's big in the back so I'll handle that early on.

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you should see I've been on 1000 with my mojo and it's still hot! (Not like my blogging mojo!)  I will actually (if not on the blog) post these garments somewhere in the cloud so follow me!

Thanks so much for visiting the stuff I have currently on the blog and stay tuned for more stuff!!!

Oh! One more thought. I purchased this pattern for the Cami top.  The Jury is still out on the skirt for me. Thoughts?

Talk Soon Carol

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