Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year Folks!

I just want to start out saying that I will not be posting a "year in review" list.  I've made a ton of stuff that is still on my blog. Besides, I'm not organized enough to post everything with pictures arranged and stuff and things. So, moving on - I had a great Christmas and my new year is starting out just dandy. (LOL!, I know, I know. I can't.)

I was online window shopping for bras (window shopping is when you click, click and click and checkout and then close the page after you see the shipping charges!)  and I noticed that the Cacique and Victoria's Secret were having their "big" sales.  So, I looked and looked and looked and $80 for two bra's I just couldn't do.

Anywoooo, I know a lot of you will pay that but since I have been sewing my own things I just can't seem to let the price thing go.  I feel if I am going to pay for it - it should be as nice as my made things  - Quality, fit and fun!!!

With that said I was blog walking at this early time in the morning and found this -

Not to mention - I have had two bra kits in my possession for two years now!  Just lazy. But guess what?

I'm gettin'em out NOW!

I will be posting my progress!!  Please if  you sew - get involved it starts today!

Stay tuned!

Victoria and Cacique - Eat your friggin hearts out Biiiitch!

(in my Snooki voice)

Talk Soon Carol

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