Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day Ramblings. . .

I haven't blogged since Halloween!!!!

Well it's Thanksgiving already!  Everyone have a happy holiday and start preparing for X-mas.  Don't let the holiday season stress you out!  I'm not going to that's for sure. Going to be with family today and do a little sewing this morning along with laundry, cleaning, dishes the norm.  No Stress!!

I have been sewing and can't wait to let you in on some great easy finds.  I also took a trip to Khol's and brought a dress!  I was mortified by the quality of items and the prices were obscene.  I need to get out more. (LOL!)  Any way give thanks everyday but eat your ass off today. It's allowed. 

Have a safe and wonderful holiday and thanks for reading.

Talk Soon Carol

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