Monday, September 19, 2011

Quick Fix!


Went out Saturday night with my sister in law and had a great time! Earlier that day I was pondering what to wear, as usual, so I decided to finish a dress (quickly) that I originally made for mother's day.  Anywooo, it's chilly here at night now so I needed a jacket.  I think it may have been 60ish degrees.

I figured I'd make a little fleece jacket with a ruffle detail but while in Joann Fabrics I walked by some furry stuff they called "Grizzly".  I had to have it!

 SIDE NOTE:  Since working with faux fur is very very messy I decided that this project needed to be super simple and fast. (I came to this conclusion when I took it to the cutting counter.)  Upon arriving home I forgot my husband (the gadget buyer) had recently purchased a mini shop vac!!!  The clean up was 10 minutes. I even got the fur off of me!  If you like to sew faux fur go and get this thing!  I love it!
Genius Invention!

Now for the Bolero review:

This jacket from cut to finish took 1.5 hours.  (Not including clean up.) It is very fast and easy to sew.  I like this particular jacket because it has a center back seam. I used the center back seam on the lining only. For the jacket I eliminated the seam allowance and cut the back piece on the fold.  Also, it has instructions to finish sleeves at the wrist. All inside seams are finished as well and the closure is at the bottom back. I included pictures of the fabric, the jacket turned lining side out and front/back views so you could see all the details.  Great for all levels of sewing and a great project for that needed "quick fix!"


This is a pattern I use a lot for myself and clients too.  I recently got it out as I made this for a customer about a two months ago and hers was so nice I kept this pattern as a "mental note" in my head. LOL! I love it it was perfect!


I love the lining from Vogue Fabrics

Grizzly is like the Bear!!!

My dress I had on is pictured below but I made it so long ago I don't remember any struggles.  I did put a chiffon overlay on the bodice and I remember that being time consuming but no issues with this dress.  It is now out of print but still available for purchase on Butterick's website.
Butterick 5024

That's it!
 Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon Carol


  1. i like the get up. very cute.

  2. Hi Carol,

    The bolero is super cute. You know faux fur is very in now and perfect for these cool autumn days. You look great. Have a wonderful weekend!


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