Saturday, August 27, 2011

I did manage to finish 1 project!!!

Simplicity- It's Sew Easy 2666

This particular project originated in Georgia.  My family and I went to Georgia and FL in the spring.  My sister-in-law, who is new to the sewing game, took me to the local fabric store in Valdosta, GA. (A small but nice town not far from the FL state line.)

I fell for this Zebra and flower (? LOL!) Lycra knit print. I had to have some cause she was buying stuff too!  Anyway I started it at her home and didn't finish.  So we packed up and drove back to IL and this project became a ufo. It sat on my sewing table collecting dust until I was about to toss it out. You know, it was "in the way".  With my hand in the air and the project balled up, I thought - wait I should just finish it and I did. WoW!  This top came out great!  Erica B. says - quick and simple projects.  (Her blog is the bomb!) She was right. This top was fast and easy and it's great looking.  I wore it to the mall while back to school shopping with my son and 3 folks asked where I purchased it. I also got a "that's a cute top" from a passer by.  This is why I sew!!!  OK, and for the rush of a custom garment! LOL!!!

Here are some photos of the front and back on my dummy lady! HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!!!!!!

I luv this top so much, I will make another!  Same style but I will in a solid color and make some pants to match. (OK, I got to thinking about all that other stuff I have to make.) I'll do it! I will!!

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  1. Cute top, I love it. I just love animal print!

  2. I love your dress, I love black & white too. Can never have too much. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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